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The Chemical Drones, Especially for Kids – Book Review – #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.

Author: Hashwrite 
Publisher: Notion Press



The Chemical Drones is a wonderful book for kids, but I would suggest adults must read this book too. The authors conveyed an important message for each one of us. It’s about a group of kids in 4th grade who were punished by school and were kept out of the inter-school competition. What will the kids do next? They all come up with a plan to correct their mistakes and prove that they are sorry. Will, they succeed,? How?
At an early age, kids need to learn from their mistakes and make up for their mistakes. It teaches about friendship, how we judge others and how we are proved wrong. It’s about finding happiness, sometimes even by sacrificing.
This book teaches one the importance of discipline, friendship and doing something out of your comfort zone. It teaches kids the importance of teamwork, communication, sharing, getting along with people, Respect and alot more.
The simple and easy language, natural and engaging writing style of the book will keep the young readers hooked throughout. The interesting narration with a wonderful plot makes this book, more intriguing. The way the author expressed the emotions of each one of them, the storyline of the book, everything is up to the point.
There’s drama, dialogues, which will keep the kids entertained. Not to forget the illustrations, they add a perfect charm to this book. The ups and downs faced by them, that teamwork, the lil miracles that happened, everything makes this book special.
How they plan and fix their mistake is the most amazing part of the book. It develops a curiosity in the minds of the reader with many questions like what will they do next? How will they do? will they succeed?

Who should read this book?

It’s a wonderful book that each and every kid must-read. It’s a book for kids above 6 Years. A book with fantastic illustrations, crisp writing style, and engaging narration.
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When a mischief lands Grade IV at the WonderWiz school in trouble, the Chemical Drones must save the day. Of course, it cannot be done in haste and without a plan. All of Grade IV comes together to hatch a plan.

What follows is a rollercoaster ride—ups and downs, fun, surprises and little miracles. Meet the Chemical Drones on their adventures. Explore WonderWiz and have fun at the Blitz. Find out if the Chemical Drones really save the day.

About the Author:

Preeta Chandran is a writer and poet, born in Kerala and brought up and based out of New Delhi, India. She is the author of the book “The Painted Verse”. This book is the first of a series of ventures, by Preeta and co-author and artist Pankaj Kumar Saxena, in the field of Fusion of Painting and Poetry, two different yet complementary arts. The book has found a place in the India Book of Records for its uniqueness. Preeta has a versatile writing style. She writes both free verse and rhyme and meter, as well as micropoetry. She also writes short stories.

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