You are currently viewing 16 Quotes / Lines that I loved from the book Seven Sundays by Shouvik  Banerjee, published by Hay House India.

16 Quotes / Lines that I loved from the book Seven Sundays by Shouvik Banerjee, published by Hay House India.

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Seven Sundays is one of my favourite July reads. There are so many lines/ Quotes that I really loved from this book. So here we go!! Tell me about the quote that you liked the most in comments.

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Winning and losing are simply outcomes. They don’t matter as much as the journey taken to reach that outcome.
Winners Discover solution no matter how tough the situation, And losers complain no matter how easy the solution
Most people think hard work means moving mountains. Actually, it means moving rock every second, every hour, every day, every second, every hour, every day, religiously. and the mountain moves automatically.
Words are powerful. Sometimes more powerful than some numbers on the cheque or some xyz company.
It is important to differentiate the way you do things. You don’t need to do big things to become big. Even the smallest act can have the biggest impact.
Don’t fight failures; Embrace them and everything will be fine.
It’s the absence which makes a thing important. One should always ask this question at every stage of their life: is this going to make me happy?
Fear is an inhibition that prevents the mind from reaching its full potential.
Bridges can fall if they’re not strong enough to endure the weight of passion. And one built on fear will definitely crumble no matter what. For every success story, there are at least a thousand other stories which no one has heard of. Why? Because they collapsed before they could live up to their purpose.
Hope and risk are the two weapons to fight fear. If your mind is filled with self-doubt and fear, your bridge will never take shape and it will never help you reach your destination.
When you learn to change your weaknesses into strengths and use them to help yourself, you will truly rise above the problem. Seize the moment and become an example for others to follow. Stop complaining and start doing. You may not solve everything in one go but that’s fine. What’s important is to stick around and give your best until you’ve found a solution.
Beauty is a form of power. And those who come in contact with this power discover their true nature and their true intentions.
There is greatness in Humility and the key to humility is to never stop learning.
Knowledge is always welcomed in the house of progress.
Success isn’t tangible until one reaches the top. till then it’s shrouded in mystery and no one can clearly see what it looks like, or whether it even exists or not.

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