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Seven Sundays by Shouvik Banerjee – Book Review

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Author: Shouvik Banerjee
Publisher: Hay House India

Narration/ Storyline


A book that you must definitely read. An inspiring journey that will keep you going.



It’s an amazing book that can change your perspective towards life. Yes, I took a Lil more time than usual to read this book and I don’t regret it. This book has so many things to learn, which can make a difference in our lives. It helped me in taking the toughest decision of my life.

I will be writing a post on quotes/ lines that I really liked from the book soon.

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When we are in deep trouble, all we need is that one person to hold our hand, show us the right path, isn’t it?.
It’s a story of Alok and Animesh. Alok, who is used to failures finds it difficult to cope up with life once again, that when a doorbell rings and there he was his Savior.

How? Why him? Who is he, why he is here? There were many questions on my mind too just like Alok.

First of all, I loved the format and storyline of the book. It is Magical!!! It takes you to the explorative journey with some intriguing characters like the Magician, wizard and the Maiden.

The plot of the book is fascinating with the practical scenarios. With the simple narration and engaging writing style, the author keeps the reader hooked throughout with some great conversations. I loved how the author sequenced the events, each event has a different story to tell, a different thought which can make a huge impact on our lives.

Themes like love, loss, failure, friendship are used by the author. I liked how this book turned out to be. The author uniquely shifted plots which once again makes this book more interesting.

The well-developed characters with lots of drama and dialogues make the story more interesting. I like Animesh perspective, towards life.
How a small success can change our lives, how we can get up, and not give up.
It’s a smooth paced book. Though there are times when the story gets a Lil monotonous.

I would recommend this book to each and every one. If you want to change your way of looking at life, do read it. A simple, intriguing and enchanting book that will stay with you for a long time. It’s a life-changing book.


Sometimes it takes falling apart before falling into place Seven Sundays chronicles the story of 40-year-old Alok, who, despite all his efforts, finds himself in the worst scenario possible—his business venture fails, his wife and daughter leave him, and, on top of everything, he is under a mountain of debt. But just when it seemed like all is lost, an old acquaintance makes a return to his life and sets in motion a profound change. Written in an unconventional format of a fable within a narrative, the book takes an explorative journey into the nature of failure and why we need to identify and embrace it. Featuring a host of intriguing characters that include the Magician, Wizard, and Maiden, Seven Sundays is one of those books that are as intriguing as they are enchanting and will stay with you for a long, long time. 

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