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Dewdrop And Banyan Tree by Ramachandran Rajasekharan – Book Review

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Author: Ramachandran Rajasekharan
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style


Rajasekharan’s poems are pleasant and refreshing. These poems will make you feel nostalgic and embrace the beauty of life.



Well, I like sipping my tea with a good book when it rains! A good poetry and a strong tea along with rains makes a perfect combination, isn’t it? It’s been a while since I read a poetry book. I came across this book and it’s magical.

For me, poems are about reading between the lines and Ramachandran Rajasekharan’s Dewdrop and Banyan tree is a collection of beautiful poems that talks about the sweet joys and testing moments of life. From the joy of rains to poverty to tender relationships to the tears of unfair bondage of helplessness to mother earth motivating him.

With the themes like nature, happiness, poverty, nostalgia, life lessons, trauma and memories, these poems are simple and beautiful, filled with depth. The author with his words hits the right chord, taking readers down the memory lane.

While some poems motivate us and bring a smile on our faces, some poems will leave a feeling of heaviness and will make you sad. I loved the way he expressed Poems like crime, the tale of two homeless, a rare luxury. I loved the way he expressed the emotions.

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From the happiness of childhood, the short-sight vision of progress at the cost of mother earth, and the perspectives of grown-ups, Rajasekharan draw the readers into the layers of thoughts.

Balancing the emotions of helplessness and pain, happiness and hope, tenderness of relationships and love for nature, the poems are fabulous.

The simplicity in his writing style makes these poems more relatable. His words are calming and powerful at the same time. It also has poems that belong to his mother which he translated from Malayalam.

•As you dance down
I do not see a shadow of grief
In your sweet and short life.

Living so fruit fully
your wetness quenches my thirst
merging into mother earth.

Mighty and branched out
Can I ever dream of a life
Short and sweet as yours?•

~Poem DewDrop and Banyan Tree.

With varied themes like pandemic, childhood, hope, and many others, Rajasekharan’s poems are pleasant and refreshing. These poems will make you feel nostalgic and embrace the beauty of life.

Recommended? A big yes if you love reading poetry.


Short sweet joys, shadows of darkness and testing moments in life, short sighted vison of progress at the cost of Mother Earth, beauty of nature,  religion, vibrancy and happiness of childhood, perspectives of grownups, trauma of war, ageing, memories, nostalgia, instillation of values in childhood, poverty, tender relationships, the burden and despair and the tears of  unfair bondage of helplessness and the  pandemic  are some of the themes  Ramachandran Rajasekharan deals with in his poetry.

Most of his poems can be enjoyed for their beauty and simplicity; at the same time, they draw the reader into layered thoughts. To that extent these poems are complex and intricate with the delicate balancing of emotions of helplessness and pain, offset by the small drops of joy and tenderness of relationships.

 These poems are influenced by happy childhood and the values passed on by the poet’s parents.

Absolute simplicity, smooth narrative, delicate balancing of complex thoughts, lyrical quality, and the poetic imageries they create, all combine as a marvellous bouquet of poems to read, enjoy and ponder upon. 

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