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The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard by Ravina Hilliard – Book Review

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Author: Ravina Hilliard
Publisher: Dawn Hill Publishers
Rating: 4/5

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The billionaire needs a Bodyguard is a story of Lex and Michael. Michael who’s receiving a death threat isn’t taking it seriously. His security Kyle appointed Lex as his personal bodyguard whereas Michael had another Idea in his mind.

What happens next? Will she save his life? Who is his enemy? And what’s on Michael’s Mind?.

This book reminded me of my favourite book take a chance on me. I truly loved this book. Though it was Lil predictable but an intriguing one.

It’s the journey of quarrels, jealousy, insecurities, twists and Love.
The plot of the story is interesting filled with twists and drama. I liked the storyline of the book. The way the story turned out to be is amazing. It makes the reader curious to know what will happen next.

The writing style of the author is crisp and engaging. This book has a lot of seductive scenes. It’s a fast-paced story filled with drama and dialogues that will make you fall in love with the book.

The well-developed characters and the sequence of the events again make this book amazing. The author has done a great job by showing a female protagonist as someone who protects the male and the character Lex has been portrayed as a strong woman also a very beautiful one.

The jealousy, quarrels and the little fights between Michael and Lex are wonderful to see. How Lex did her job of Bodyguard perfectly. The best part comes when Michael life is actually in danger. There are many moments in the book that will make you smile and curious.
Love reading romance books? Want to read a different book? Go for it. It’s worth a read.


Alexandra “Lex” Granger surrounds herself with wealthy, powerful businessmen. But she’s no gold-digger… She’s a highly trained private security consultant. And she gives the term ‘undercover’ new meaning when she poses as a high-priced escort to protect her new client, Michael Thornton.

There’s just one problem with her plan… 

Michael doesn’t know the truth. Despite the death threats he’s received, the last thing this handsome billionaire wants is a bodyguard. He’s convinced Lex is really a grifter, a femme fatale who scams rich men for everything that she can get. But before the assignment even begins in earnest, sparks fly and their mutual attraction threatens to distract Liz from doing her job. And she can’t have that, can she?

Even as they flirt with danger in the romantic city of Copenhagen, Lex and Mike embark on a turbulent affair. And Mike realizes that his seductive guardian has awakened a passion in him, unlike anything he’s ever felt before. Lex has always lived by one rule – never fall in love with the client. But trapped between temptation and danger, she’s about to put that rule to the ultimate test…

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