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5 Changes that I bought in my Morning Routine.

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Since, it’s work from home, which means less activity and more work. Sitting at one place and on-screen for a long time definitely affected my health and I started gaining a few Kgs. I gained more when I was tested Covid positive. At the end of the day, I was there just sitting, with less energy. I knew this was a reminder for me to stay active and start doing something. A reminder that I had to make changes in my Routine.

I decided to make these 5 changes that are helping me to stay active and Fit.

1: Saying Yes to Oats.

Well, I am a person who loves heavy breakfast, earlier it was difficult to say NO to the Bhakharis and Theplas every morning. But, I knew, I have to do it for myself. I Started liking oats, and it became my daily routine.

2: Walk Walk Walk

I always enjoyed walking, but this time I had to exercise seriously. I made a strict schedule to go for a walk for an hour in the morning. It is really refreshing. We all know the benefits of walking right?.

3: Warm Water, Always

Drinking Warm water keeps the body hydrated and healthy. I developed this habit of drinking warm water whenever I can. Use Vaya’s Water Bottle that keeps the water warm for a little longer time. There are many flasks available that you can count on for the same.

4: Meditate

Another task that I added to my morning routine is Meditation. It always helps and helped me in many ways. Sometimes I use different apps that help in meditation, sometimes I do it on my own. The only thing, I would like to tell here is do at your own pace, when you feel good.

5: Journaling

I have made this habit of writing a gratitude journal. It helps me to calm down and gives A positive start to the day. Journaling is fun. It brings on table, your goals, your aspirations, your thoughts.

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