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5 Impressive Home Decor finds from World of Ek by Ekta Kapoor

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A cosy, welcoming home is all we need when we return back to home. While my home is still in making, I have already bought a few things that will be making my home prettier and give a smart look. From Home Decor to home furnishing to wellness to ethnic wear, you can find it all under one roof with World of Ek.

Bringing India’s ancient traditional craftsmanship to modern times is World of Ek. From Home Decor to home furnishing and wellness, you can find it all at one place. World of Ek products are handcrafted by artisans who have kept age-old traditions alive across several generations.

Here are the 5 Impressive Home Decor finds from World of Ek by Ekta Kapoor

1: Floor Cushion

Enhance your favourite corner with vibrant prints. Cushions are one of the best ways to add instant style, class and comfort to your home. At World of Ek, I found floor cushions that add a splash of colour and print to any room, adding a finishing touch to your cosy corner. available in a range of colours and designs, you can use them to create an eye-catching look. They are durable and easy to clean too.

2: Brass Golden T-Lite Candle Stand

Make your Diwali a memorable one with the Brass Candle Stands which is perfect for any occasion. Diwali is around the corner and this Candle stand makes it the perfect decor for your home or party. It adds a touch of class and style to your festive table setting. The Brass Candle stand will add a touch of class to your home, function as a beautiful decor piece and does not need much space, you can place it anywhere in your room.

It’s a perfect addition to your Diwali decor. It features intricate details and graceful curves that make it a beautiful centrepiece for your home or table.

3: Vibrant Cushion Covers

Take your cushion covers to the next level with these classic-style nailhead cushion covers! These cushion covers will help you create a rich and inviting atmosphere for any room.

Add style to your decor with our classic-style cushion covers. With a variety of prints and patterns, you can easily match the style and look of your room. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home and add a pop of colour, look no further than our classic-style cushion covers. Whether you are looking for a print on a subtle background or something bold and colourful, they have it all!

4: Wooden Serving Bowls

Handmade in India, Bring home the beauty of wood and the goodness of life with this stylish serving bowl, made from wood and printed with lovely patterns.

5: Exquisite Brass Ware Wall Art

The Exquisite Brass Ware wall art collection is one of a kind. It will look nice on your walls and make the corner look pretty. A lovely piece of art that can be hung on walls or just one large corner would be the perfect addition to any home.

As functional as it is beautiful, this wall art will add character to any home. You’ll love the wall art that is sure to be a bright spot in any room. This brass sculpture has been beautifully handcrafted and will enhance your walls while making the corner look pretty.

World of Ek is the one-stop shop for all your home decoration needs. Our products embody the delicate but bold style, giving you an ambience that is pure luxury. It brings you unique and handcrafted homeware, furniture and lighting that brings the best in modern home decor.

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