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Top 5 Gujarati Series and movies on Shemaroo Gujarati that you can count on

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Gujarathi Movies like Chaal Jeevi Laiye and Chello Divas have their own charm. These movies, makes us laugh and makes us understand the value of relationships and family in our life. While these are some ever-green movies, there are many new releases that we can count on. Movies and series we will enjoy watching with our family.

Here are the 5 Movies and Series on Shemaroo Gujarati with unique storylines, drama and fun, set in different timelines and they represent themes that are relatable to our daily lives.

1: Hello Zindagi

 Disha is a Social Media Addict who considers everything else to be worthless. Her day is eclipsed by social media platforms, as she heads to be an influencer. She is tread milled by the desire for the social media star around the clock. Brought up by a single parent, her Dad, Suraj Bhai is perturbed by her this madness and keeps fighting the bushes for a solution to convince her to understand the real beauty of life. Her worried father sends her on a solo trip on the condition that she will go without a smartphone. On her journey, she meets many people and situations that make her understand, money cannot buy everything, and that sometimes happiness lies in the simple joys of Life. It’s a fun, light movie with a backdrop of the beauty of Gujarat.

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2: Do not Disturb season 2

It’s the story of Maulik and Meera who are married for 7 years and here you’ll see how they embrace the ups and downs of life in a fun beautiful way. Meera is a Mumbaikar, married and settled in Ahmedabad and is a working woman shares about how she is treated like an outsider in the family to how her husband makes things better for her. It’s a series with 7 episodes that reflects their true personalities. Each episode has an important message conveyed in a light and fun way.

3: Vaat Vaat ma Returns

Another series that you will enjoy the most. Filled with Love, fun, family differences and lots of drama, Vaat Vaat ma returns is as entertaining as Vaat Vaat ma. It’s the story of Swayam and Pahel who are in love but their parents are against this marriage. Swayam asks for 10 days to mend things for both parents and make them accept their love. How will these 10 days go? will they end up together? will both families agree?

Here you’ll see the tests love takes and what true love is.

4: Yamraj Calling Season 02

As Interesting as Season 01, Season 02 is all about living life and enjoying life with family. Amar now gives more time to his family and enjoys his life with his family, are looking out for a suitable boy for Vyoma & Abhi who wants to pursue his ambitions of music in the USA. Both the kids keep secrets from Amar and one fine day, Another wave hits Amar and his life takes a turn. From understanding his kids to understanding life, it’s a series with a great plot and lots of drama. You’ll learn what true love is, family is. A must-watch series.

5: Fakt Mahilao Maate

Chintan is a 28-year-old middle-class man surrounded by and troubled by the women in his life. On one fateful trip to Ambaji Temple, he prays and asks for a power that could help him understand women and his Wish was Granted. How will he use this power? Or will he misuse this power? Another movie that will surprise you! A must-watch.

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