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Custodial Battle by Sheetal Ohri – Book Review

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Author: Sheetal Ohri

Writing Style


It’s a good read with drama and hope, that you can count on if you want to read something different and interesting.



•Love is very powerful. It can melt even the hardest heart.”•

Some books leave us with pain in our hearts, with questions about how much we have to fight for our rights, and our families. This is one such story of Ritika who fought for 10 years for custody of her son.

10 long years,
A toxic relationship
Struggles all the way
Balancing her relationship with her child.

Custodial Battle by Sheetal Ohri is a story of Ritika who was married to an NRI. A strong independent lady, was now on a dependent visa in the other country trying to be a perfect wife and daughter-in-law.

Little did she know, her castle was broken and she saw the real faces of her inlaws and her husband who mistreated her. She was not allowed to step out of talk to anyone, away from her parents, Ritika struggled each day.

Things changed when she became a mother and her world revolved around her son, little did she know, her son was separated from her and that was when she decided to stand up for herself once again and fight for what she deserved.

The storyline is inspiring and riveting. The way Sheetal describes Ritika’s situations, one could feel and relate to them. As the plot developed, the story gets more intense revealing her past. The plot shift from past to present makes readers curious about how she handled the situations.

Interestingly narrated, you’ll learn about country laws, how NGOs helped her, how a piece of paper changed her status in other country and how she rebuilt her life.

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I loved how the author adds beautiful poetries describing Ritika’s emotions. The way balances and portrays Ritika’s emotions and her fight.

It’s a well-detailed book where she explains about Laws and guidelines on Hague Convention and Child Custody.
Loved the way she explains them in a simple and apt way.

It’s an intense, powerful and emotional story that you’ll love. How Ritika got little time with her child and she faced his child’s warmth and mend that with love.
You’ll love Ritika’s strong, powerful personality.

It’s a good read with drama and hope, that you can count on if you want to read something different and interesting.


Your eyes seek me.
My tears seek you.
Your hands reach out to me. My hands fold in prayers.
Your smile never leaves my sight and I seem to become a distant memory for you.
All around me is YOU, and suddenly, you find yourself amongst strangers.
I wake up and have your name on my lips, and somewhere in my mind, I hear you say, “MAMA.”
By Sheetal Ohri
This is written by the author Sheetal Ohri – a poem that tells how a mother was kept away from her child and her pain from that separation. The author had to deal with family law judicial system legalities, custody hearings, mediation, custody evaluations, and reunification therapies to be with her child. She wrote this book as she has been a victim of family law system flaws and had to struggle through many processes before she was granted custodial time of her child. Her situation was that, being an immigrant, she was not aware of the legalities of the family law system. She just believed in truth and honesty and stood her ground fighting a court battle for almost Eight years for her son.

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