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Interview with Tasia Anand – Author Of Fairwies and The Lost Souls : A Collection Of Short Stories


Q) Tell us about the idea behind the book?

The book revolves around the protagonist, Olivia, an eleven-year-old girl with immense will power, and how her age never became a barrier to achieve what she had made up her mind for. She was not even afraid of the soul changers and the army of the dead. The book is also about Olivia’s self-discovery and how she unbecame who she was in the past. From a normal girl with a loving family, she turned into someone completely different.

Q) How much time did it take in the process of writing?

It took me about a year and a half to complete the book, including editing.  

Q) What did the process of writing this book teach you?

The process of writing definitely taught me patience because it does take time to write a book and just to understand the characters too. It also taught me the art of silence and I think it also deepened my observation and understanding of human behavior. I’ve also learnt the value of gratitude; it is because of my family that I could publish at a young age.  the process of writing also taught me a lot about myself.

Q) What inspired you to write this book?

I was actually first inspired when I was five when my mom told me that authors of books that we read are normal people and that is when I started writing. I see a bit of myself and my sister in the novel and as I put pen to paper the story started taking shape but of course the story was nothing like it is now. 

Q) Which is your favourite part from the book?

My favorite part of the book is probably the ending. I like the way the story unfolds and the sisters discover the truth about their own identity and the truth about their father.

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Q) A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

I don’t think its fair to give any one book credit simply because all the books I ever read taught me something. But when I was a bit younger, I was obsessed with Roald Dahl’s novels, especially Matilda.

Q) Tell us about your plans? Planning a new book?

I recently co-authored two books with scholastic and some other teen writers. Their names are ‘Perspectives: Tales of Variety’ and ‘A Library of Nineteen’. After my 10th grade exams this year, I plan to start another novel…….

Q) How your life changed after the book was published?

I think it raised people’s expectations of me.

I don’t think it really changed me as a person but it definitely taught me to work even harder and work on my weak areas.

Besides that, I got really attached to my characters, I feel like I have a virtual family with me all the time.

Q) What is a literary success for you?

Winning booker prizes and nobel prizes would truly be great but to be honest, I think success is ever increasing richness in my written work. The number of readers who enjoy my books would be an indicator if success.

Q) A message for all the readers.

If there’s a story that you think is worth telling, put it out there. Don’t stop yourself just because you think you’re not ready. By the time it happens, you will be ready!

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