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Captured With Love by Niharika Bhol – Book Review

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Author: Niharika Bhol

Writing Style


The climax was a bit predictable but loved the way she described the events. It’s a light, breezy, delightful read that gives Bollywood vibes.



. “When it gets hard,” “just remember to breathe!”

It’s been a while since I read a perfect entertaining, fun and sizzling love story. And then I came across this stunning read that managed to keep me awake.

Right from the cover to the title, this book attracted me and I eventually fell in love with this book more and more as I started reading it. Sarah lost her husband Noah a few months back and after a lot of procrastination, she is ready to join her office back. Mr Smith is the new CXO of the company Sarah works in. A strict, particular and a young handsome Lucas meets Sarah, A career-oriented lady and mother of Philip. While she tries to be far away from him, he is more drawn to her. Is Sarah ready to give love a second chance? Is Lucas ready to accept a NO from Sarah? Filled with Drama, entertainment, Romance, and full of Friendship, Niharikabhol weaves a dramatic story of love.

If you are someone who enjoys reading light romance full of drama and twists, then this is the book you must not skip. Right from an intriguing plot and crisp narrative, Niharika keeps the readers enthralled throughout. The way the story starts, right from their first encounter to the way it proceeds, all the events will make the readers curious with many questions. With a gripping, engaging writing style and a smooth flow of words, with layers of themes and perspective, I loved the way Niharika portrayed the relationships well.

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Yes, the way she describes Philip’s bond with Lucas, Adam and Sarah and Sarah’s Mother is something I loved the most. It’s not only about love it’s about the balance, the patience and the denial in Love. The characters are well-developed by the author. One will fall in love with Lucas’s personality, his tries of not falling in love and will love the indecisive decision maker Sarah.

You can run away from everything but not love. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

The way the plot takes turns, their bond grows, and things that happen will make the readers curious. The climax was a bit predictable but loved the way she described the events. It’s a light, breezy, delightful read that gives Bollywood vibes.


Sarah Wilson had no idea how to get on with her life after the death of her husband. She decided to return to work, hoping that would be her out from all the grief. Little did she know she would bump into her new Chief Experience Officer, Lucas Smith, on day one.
No, it wasn’t love at first sight because she annoyed the hell out of him, making him late for his board meeting. Not her fault because he wore the same cologne as her late husband used to, shoving her into memory lane. But no reason mattered as Lucas Smith was a known hardass. She tried to redeem herself in his eyes, but it backfired. Every. Single. Time.
Until one day.
When Sarah told him about her husband, Lucas realized that what he had in the name of a relationship was just convenience. He craved for that true love; he craved for Sarah. But her heart is so occupied with the memories of Noah that there is no place for anyone else. Let alone Lucas. What he doesn’t know is that the veil of indifference worn by Sarah was to hide the fact that Lucas was slowly eclipsing the void in her heart.

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