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A Crime Thriller Series – Rangbaaz Phir se on Zee5

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I never watch series, but then a friend recommended this series and I had to watch. A wonderful series that you must watch on ZEE5. When it comes to ZEE5, there are some wonderful original series filled with drama and entertainment. . Rangbaaz Phirse is one such recent watch from the Zee5 Originals. It is the second season of Zee5’s flagship Show Rangbaaz. The series premiered on 20th December 2019.

Rangbaaz Phirse is a story of a young guy based in Rajasthan who falls through the cracks of the society because of ulterior political agendas and is robbed of his youth which subsequently ruins his life. 

The season is based on the story of Amarpal Singh, a feared gangster of Rajasthan. It revolves around his journey into the world of crime. The tale is motivated by the true events of one more feared gangster, in a totally different scenario.

It’s a story of a dream gone so wrong that it couldn’t be rectified after a point – a dream of excelling in every field, a dream of setting an example in the society, a dream of being the best ever. 

There are 9 episodes in this season, each with a different and unique topic. I loved, “Ep 5 – Savdhani Hati, Durghatna Ghati and Ep 8 – Do Aur Do Paanch.

I loved the whole series. The promising episodes, filled with curiosity makes this series more special. Loved the way it is directed. A fast-paced thriller series based on supremacy and political rivalry.     

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A story full of drama, dialogues, the Love affair of a gangster despite having a wife and the description of his life. It’s a Crazy but a lil confusing series. Actors like Jimmy Shergil, Sushant Singh, Sharad Kellar, Mahima Makwana and many more are always a treat to watch, isn’t it? Watch them in action in Rangbaaz Phirse, an amazingly curated series.

Each episode is directed in a fantastic way. The acting of each actor is commendable. Each character had a different personality that added immense value to the overall plot.

Each actor had their own style, their own aura which was wonderfully reflected in their performance. The dialogues were something that made this series a big hit. And the way the characters delivered was just amazing. 

From Costumes to makeup, everything was just up to the point. About the dialogues, I found them to be crisp and flow naturally throughout the film. 

The series begins with “ Kuch logo ke sath galat karo toh woh puri duniya ko sahi kar dete he…” dialogue which was loved by the audience.

Some other dialogues that I really liked are:

  • Amarpal Singh Sarkar Banwa bhi sakta hai aur ghira bhi sakta hai!!
  • Ped ki dhaal jab bahut badi ho jati he na..toh toofan aane se pahele usse kaat dena chahiye 
  • Iss khel me teen khiladi he Amarpal Singh, Raja Phogawat aur hum matlab Police are my favourite.

The fantastic dialogues throughout every episode and the characters made this series special and was loved by the audience. 

After the extraordinary success of season 1 of Rangbaaz series, Rangbaaz Phirse too succeeded in gaining the love from to the viewers.

This is the perfect series, full of fun, if you want to unwind your mind and enjoy. Go check it out on ZEE5 now.

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  1. Hema

    It looks like something that I will like…

  2. Khushboo

    It looks so perfect for me. I love watching such stuff. I am definitely gonna watch this series.

  3. Noor Anand Chawla

    Rangbaaz was a huge hit. I am glad to know that Zee 5 is coming up with its sequel too.

  4. jenifer

    So much buzz about Ranbaaz. Guess I need to see this soon.
    The dialogues are awesome.

  5. Siddhi

    I think this is the same series which also stars Spruha Joshi, a well known marathi actress. And would love to watch this series for Spruha and d

  6. Varsha

    Omg now that you have mentioned it has Sharad Kelkar I feel like watching it just for his sake :) Zee5 has been quite trending these days with their unique web series.

  7. Sandy N Vyay

    Have developed an affinity for web series of late. Rangbaaz Phirse seems really interesting and something that promises some exciting entertainment over the weekend.

  8. Asfa

    hearing a lot of good reviews about this series looking forward to watch this weekend

  9. Papri Ganguly

    I watched many webseries, but this one is my all time favorite. Love the cast and storyline.

  10. Dr Bushra

    The plot if rangbaaz phirse sounds intriguing, I love watching thriller and performance in series is so entertaining. indeed a must watch this weekend.

  11. Kanu

    This series looks really interesting to me..I love watching series and added this to my watch list already .Thank you detailing everything out .

  12. Jhilmil D Saha

    Wow, this series looks really interesting. I am sure I will get hooked to this pretty quickly. gonna watch it right away.

  13. Mrinal Kiran

    The story looks interesting and gripping… My brother loves plots like these… Will definitely share with him!

  14. Arushi Patkey

    Looks like i need to start this series !
    Dint knew this was part 2 .
    Zee5 has really good series streaming on it

  15. Shub

    So much of great reviews for this and Jimmy Shergill is my fav! I am watching as soon as I can.

  16. Jhilmil

    I personally love crime thriller shows and movies and Rangbaaz seems to be a perfect choice

  17. Yogita Joshi

    I watched rangbaaz earlier it was an amazing series. A perfect crime thriller it was. I am surely watching Rangbaaz phir se soon. It seems as interesting as rangbaaz.

  18. Autocurious

    Loved the season 1 . It’s great news that season 2 is being released

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