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All about Friendships & Dating – Book Review of Love, Swipe and Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan.

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Author: Nitish Bhushan

Publisher: Bluerose Publishers


Friends are our savior, always, Isn’t it? The one who we can look upon, the one who will make you fall, laugh and pick you up again, isn’t it?. Recently, I came across this amazing book on Love, friendships and dating.

Do you know someone who met online? also which app you use the most? ever tried any dating app?


Love, Swipe and Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan is a story of Raaj, Ravi and Bhanu. It will be unfair to say it was on;y Ravis’s story, since, all of them had their own different story to tell.
It’s an exciting read that will remind you of your friends and the dates you had/have. A book that will make you curious to know what will happen next.
Well, well, before jumping to the story or narration, I learned one thing from the nook. That is, love is beyond misunderstandings and Friends are the most important part of our life.
I liked the storyline of the book, the way the author sequenced the events is commendable. The plot of the story is interesting, filled with twists and fun. I loved how the author kept it a candid read that one could relate to.
This book will remind you of your friends, who stepped in when you were in a mess. The narration of the story is crisp and engaging keeping the reader hooked throughout.
The plot of the story is fascinating, loaded up with drama. The way the author expressed the emotions is amazing. That bro codes, the midnight plans, the fun, the fights, everything felt real.
Dating apps, how they change one’s life, how they can make you fall in love or fall in trouble, the author explained it well. I liked how the author explored the bond between the sisters well.
Though at times it was getting a Lil tedious with unnecessary details. The language is simple and easy. It’s a fast-paced and light read that you can pick up.
The writing style of the author is crisp and witty, making the reader curious to know what will happen next? With lots of drama, dialogues and confusions, this book tells about cybercrime and a male victim. This makes this book unique. We never see a male victim.
I loved the climax of the book, it was unpredictable. The well-developed characters make this book more engrossing. Each character has it’s own personality, it’s own role in making the story interesting. I liked Bhanu’s character the most. The way he handled the situation is something I loved.
Though this book has an attractive title, the cover of the book could have been a lil better.
Who can read this book?
Everyone who is looking for a light and interesting read must pick up this book. It will lighten up your mood. A fresh read.


“Ravi & Vandana have everything going right for themselves – they are both in careers of their choice, both are alphas in their role and profession, both love each other deeply. And while they seem to be steadily headed towards marriage, Ravi is conflicted by his desires.

Encouraged by his friends he downloads an app and meets someone! Now, what are the odds of another someone getting to know about his activities on the app?

How will Vandana react if and when she gets to know about this? Who is blackmailing Ravi? What about demons from Vandana’s past?”

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