Book Review: Half-Life by Arpit Dugar

Book Review: Half-Life by Arpit Dugar

Author: Arpit Dugar
Publisher: Notion Press



Half-Life by Arpit Dugar is a story of an Indian youth coming across romance, filled with adventures and twists. It’s a journey of a quest to find the reality of the world around. The turmoil of time dilation between past, present and future keeps things rolling and gives an ultimate grip to the story.
The plot of the story is intriguing with crisp and gripping narration. I liked the storyline of the book though at times it was a bit dragged.
How Rohit steals information from his dreams and executes in reality to find answers was exciting.
The author made the reader curious and filled them with lots of questions and a mystery to solve. I liked how the author sequenced each event. The drama and the dialogues keep the reader invested in. Themes like Mystery, Thriller are used by the author.
With some wonderful description of the places and a smooth pace, it’s a good read.
The writing style of the author is simple and engaging. Though The ending could have been a Lil better.
The characters were well developed and had a strong impact on the readers. The author keeps the reader hooked throughout.
Overall it’s a good book with some twists and lots of drama.
Who should read this?
Those who love reading thrillers and mystery, go for it. It’s an interesting book.

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