Book Review: Shakuni : Master of the Game.

Book Review: Shakuni : Master of the Game.



When I was watching Mahabharat and the Draupadi’s scene, one thing that popped up my mind was, How #Shakuni felt when all those things were happening? Was that part of his script? What thoughts came on his mind? That’s when I decided to read this book that gives us insight into his life, his perspective.

It’s an amazing book that will give you a new perspective. Though there are certain things that the author mentioned which I didn’t felt were true.

But overall, I liked how the author narrated the story. The journey of Gandhar raj Shakuni. The way the author expressed his emotions and described his character is commendable. With a crisp 

Still, I don’t feel, he was a bad man. There is some more truth that is yet to be discovered. The author forms a vivid picture of Mahabharata in front of us.

With interesting dialogues and strong characters, From the description of Gandhar to BhishmaPitamah, to Hastinapur, this book has it all.

It’s an interesting book that you’ll love if you want to learn more about Mahabharat. The engaging and crisp writing style of the author, the simple and easy language makes this book more intriguing. The dialogues and the drama keep the reader invested in.

The way the author described how Sakuni decided to leave Gandhara, and will not be known as Gandhar raj but Gandhari’s brother, was really beautiful. I loved how the author explored brother, sister’s relationship here, Shakuni and Duryodhan’s bond, about Gandhari’s 100 sons and a lot more. His love for Duryodhan, the way he wanted to protect him, everything was beautifully described.

From an impressive cover an the title, It’s a wonderful book with a smooth pace and intriguing narration that will give you a new perspective. 

Especially, when the Draupadi’s part arrived, It filled me with curiosity, because, the reason I was reading this book for came. And believe me, I got emotional and felt so good when I read that part from Shakuni’s perspective. How he reacted, what he wanted, the things that came to his mind, how he felt for Draupadi and many more things.

It’s a book that will make you curious, and give you insights into his life. A WONDERFUL BOOK.

Love reading mythology fiction? want to know Mahabharat from a different perspective? want to know more about Shakuni? This book is for you.


Threatened by the formidable Kuru dynasty, the kingdom of gandhara is forced to marry off its princess to the blind king of Kuru, Dhritarashtra. Enraged by this defeat, shaken, the heir to the gandhara kingdom, vows to seek revenge. He uses the Kauravas and Pandavas as Pawns in a cleverly crafted game of deceit and destruction and watches as the mighty Kuru kingdom crumbles. Told through the gripping perspective of shakti, this retelling of the Mahabharata asks the burning question –was shakuni really the vilest of all villains or the victim of a grave injustice?.

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  1. Nika

    A good critical review. I might check out this book!

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thank youu

  2. Mhonchumi

    Loved the way you reviewed it, made me want to read the book 🙂

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thank Youu

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