Already Dead.

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Lost her senses,lost her world..not uttering a words..moving on ahead..being silent. .getting thoughts supressed .. carrying smile on her face..but no one understood she was already dead..
It was just a body with dead soul .

Death of her dreams..death of her trust and yes..deathof her love..Altast lead to death of her.. she was nomore same.

Why people always think that yes the person is smiling means shes happy..she don’t own any problens..
They consider person havs moved on but do they know what person have ggone through..she strived hard ,burried herself.. and  that angel forgot to fly..

Want that angel back? Nah no one can get back that angel..who use to have her own little word.. that angel was already the moment when she was left alone in dark..striving to get out…

You never know how much a person or thing can affect a person..think twice before you give any commitment to a person..
There’s just a new fake world of her..

“Moving on seems easy,but I died thousand times in pain just to appreciate this phase”

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