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#BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal – Mad Moments

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Hola! it’s been more than a year I am participating in the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and it feels like coming back home. When I thought about the theme, one thing that came to my mind are the sunshine letters that I wrote.

This year I will be talking about Mad moments. The moments that makes us who we are today, the calmness that we find amidst the chaos. The 26 posts will be about those unexpressed emotions, unexpressed love and all the thoughts we have in a particular situation. There will be poems, there will be paragraphs as well.

with this theme, I was to pour out my heart here, tell everything that’s on my mind, for me this is not a challenge but a chance to express myself, give my thoughts a space.

I am ready to pour down, speak about all the mad moments, are you ready too? Good luck to all the participants.

I’m participating in #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge and A-Z Challenge.

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  1. Sonia dogra

    Very unique

    1. Vidhya Thakkar


  2. Vikas Nainwal

    Interesting theme… It’s difficult to talk about these things.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar


  3. Anita Sabat

    We all have such mad moments!
    Interesting. Best wishes.

  4. Pradeep

    That’s interesting. Looking forward to your posts.
    I am not choosing a topic or theme this year.
    I will post about random stuff that come to my mind.
    Let me see how it goes.
    See you in April. :-)

  5. Prasanna Raghavan

    Amazing to read about the wonderful ideas turning themes in this writing mega journey in the month.

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