Book Review: Don’t Run, My Love by Easterine Kire

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It was easier said than done.

Author: Easterine Kire
Publisher: Speaking Tiger
Rating: 3/5


Atuonuo lives with her widowed mother Visuenuo in Kija, an ancient village of the Angamis. Their lives are hard—regulated by the seasons and by the ceaseless annual labours of hoeing and digging, planting and harvesting. But it is also a life of peace, lived in a well-knit community of wise elders and caring—though sometimes overbearing—neighbours and relatives. This peace is shattered when Kevi, a young hunter, lithe and possessed of an animal magnetism, better looking than any other man in the village, comes to them at harvest time offering help and a hunk of venison. Kevi falls in love with Atuonuo and proposes marriage. Atuonuo, young in years and unsure of her heart, turns him down. But love becomes menacing when Kevi, angered by the rejection, viciously turns on Atuonuo, and reveals a side of himself that neither mother nor daughter could have imagined in their worst nightmares. With grace and in restrained, lyrical prose, Easterine Kire draws upon legend and a profound understanding of human nature to weave a compelling tale of love and the demons it sometimes conjures.


The cover of the book is too interesting. I loved the story. It’s a short read with lots of surprises, mysteries and much more. The pace of the story is also good. The characters that the author has made are very strong. The description of the apple tree, giant etc is what I loved. The author has set the plot beautifully. Each and every part of the story is connecting. The language used is simple and easy which added charm to the story. The reader can easily connect with the story and visualize it well. 
The story gives a profound understanding of human nature. The tale of love, mystery, and bond it is.
the bond between Atuonuo and Kevi is amazing. I loved the writing style of the author. it’s too interesting as well as connecting.
 With strong characters, amazing plot and simple language, this story is simply a great read.
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*** I received this copy from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review.

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