Book review: Love and Chocolate Biscuits by Karen Williams

Author: Karen Williams
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Rating: 3/5


Bubbly and down to earth Polly struggles with two ever-present issues in her life. Her weight (she can’t resist a ‘choccy biccy’) and her love life (she can’t resist dating, particularly on the internet). Then she meets charming, handsome and wealthy Mark. Is he a catch, or is there a catch? (in Polly’s world, there always is). Maybe she should stick with wooing cyber-Romeo Tim instead? 
Against a backdrop of hilarious dieting and dating disasters, and with help and guidance from her friends, Polly starts to wonder if perhaps she should give up on men altogether. But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens..


I loved the title and cover of the book. It’s attractive and eye catchy. The book is about Polly who is in search of right man. for her search, she ends up with a dating site, where she meets Tim. They exchange emails.  The Author tried to set a beautiful plot but ended up the story making it more complicated.  The language used by the author is simple and connecting. the story at first connects very well to the reader but later it loses its track. The pace of the story is bit slow. The author tried adding surprising elements to the story and succeeded in it. The tempo is also good with mystery, fun, romance. I loved the book in starting but later it felt like the author was in rush to end the story by making it more complicated. I wish the author had kept the plot simple, it would have been a very good story then. It’s a love story where Polly tries to find her love online. There are various emotions described by author beautifully like parents worried for her, friendship, care of sister and various such events.

The book is good if you like reading Romance.

You can get your copy here.

***  I received this copy from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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