Book Review: Moonrise from the Green grass roof by Vinod Kumar Shukla

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However small

has an inner depth
That is deep
Inside one’s own self
We keep tumbling
In that depth
Lies another world
Maybe opposite to the one outside
Sometimes one wants to stay a while.
One should stay.
Author: Vinod Kumar Shukla
Publisher: Harpercollins India
Ratings: 3.5/5


There were a hundred games the children played with the sky. Each question that arose in a child’s mind was a game. ‘Where is the moon?’ they asked if they woke up in the middle of the night.
There’s a pygmy mountain at the edge of the village. Near the top of the mountain is a mysterious hole. If you toss a stone down that hole, it will keep falling until you return to hear it hit the bottom.
There’s a second-grader named Bolu in the village school. He only speaks while he walks. If you want to speak to him, you must walk with him. And then there’s the moon, rising from the green grass roof. It travels with Bolu and his friends wherever they go. 
In this book, light as pebbles skimming across a pond, Vinod Kumar Shukla speaks of the wonder of a universe in which, however, separate we seem, we are inevitably joined as one.


Children’s world is full of questions and wonderful fantasies, the author introduced us to the amazing fantasy world of children’s. This book was written in Hindi which is now translated by Satti Khanna. Its name in Hindi was ‘Hari Ghaas’. The title and cover of the book are unique and interesting. The author has described the beauty of grass to the moon. It Takes one to a completely new, different world. The author has wonderfully described the world and innocence of children. The language used by the author is simple and interesting. The author has described each and every scene very interestingly. one can connect to the story easily from the very start. The characters that the author built are very strong, The plot is very different and unique. The pace of the story is also good. The tempo of the story is full of fun, innocence, and mystery. I loved the sketches that the author has added at the start of every chapter. Not to forget the poems at the end, they are beautiful and worth a read.
Overall it’s a good read. If you like reading fiction, go for it.

you can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for honest and unbiased review*** 

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