Book Review: The Celeritas Files by Ishan Majumdar

There is no easy way from the Earth to the Stars.

Author: Ishan Majumdar
Publisher: Notion Press


Experience the story of Shaina Desai, who finds herself in the middle of a sinister plot to steal her prized invention, which happens to be the principal subject of valuation for a multi-million dollar cross-border investment in what could be termed as one of the most brutal attempts at intellectual property theft in the history of corporate India.
Will she be forced to give up her dream to save her son’s life? Or will she lose him to the ruthless kidnappers?
A tale of professional pride and the heart-breaking choices forced upon the individual, of love and betrayal, and the dark games ruthlessly played in the corporate world, under the veneer of professional ethics


A story of four friends working in an electronics technology firm meeting for a dinner. Nandini, Ravi, Aaman, and Shaina. At that night a murder and a kidnapping case happen which changed each and everyone’s life. It’s all about the corporate culture and an impossible invention in the field of technology by Bilksem firm. The story is all about one’ hard work, ego, expectations, and money. It gives a clear view of the corporate culture.

The story had its grip on reader throughout. I enjoyed reading this amazing thriller story. The book has a lot of drama to keep readers engaged. The friendship, Love, corporate culture, work ethics and much more. The author managed to keep readers engaged throughout figuring who will be the kidnapper. One can easily connect with the story and visualize each and every aspect. I loved how the author built each and every character well. Shaina was a solid and a strong character. Each character had it’s own personality and taste. from inspector to the boss of the company, everyone added to the story. The plot that the author set was brief and engaging. The author made sure not to reveal suspense till the end and create doubts in our mind till the very end. I loved the conclusion part. The tempo of the story was also good, There are twists and turns, suspense, love, everything placed correctly. The pace of the story is lil slow but the interest that the author build covered it well. The author brilliantly managed to show the dark side of the corporate world. The language that the author used was simple and interesting. The cover and the title of the book was also impressive.

Overall, It’s a good and engaging read. If you like reading a thriller, crime fictions go for it.

looking forward to reading some more books from the author.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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