Diwali :) is Celebration Same for Everyone ?

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Wishing all Readers A very Happy Diwali. Thank you for reading and Appreciating my writing and always Encouraging me to write something New. Spread Joy, Happiness and Fun around you.

Because, You Never Know Your Small Happiness Can Make someone’s Day. Your Small Chat can Light up Someone’s  Mood.  Fill Colors to Others Life, Your Life will Get Colorful. Don’t be a Looser rather Fight With Situations, Light up someone else day, Someone else life, 
Cherish Every Small Moment of Life. Clear out All Grudges. Learn to Wear A Smile. :)
Wear A Smile :)
With All The Burdens in life
Fight with Smile,
Walk Ahead every mile,
With Face full of Smile.
Life isn’t Easy,
But Don’t be so Busy,
Cherish Every Moment,
Before it get ends.
It’s Short Like A Wave,
Cherish the Memories you Have,
Don’t wear mask of Sadness every while,
Learn to Wear a smile
Spread Smile Every time,
Learn to be strong every while,
Don’t Let Sadness Make you Dull,
Because, Life is Full of Fun,
Is Celebration Same For Every one? Well Nahh ! Because you never know how the life of person going, Some People are busy With their Works on this day. They are Burried In Work, Do you Know Why?  Just Because they Don’t  get Time to Miss Special People Of their Life. Some Are Bursting Crackers, Some Making Rangoli, But Have You Ever Noticed That One Person Who Quits Everything And Sit ,watch them and Smile.Have you Ever thought of Giving Your Lil Time to Them And share some moments with Them?  Nah. Because people are busy making Their Own happiness. 
Diwali Is spreading joy together But Celebration for everyone is Different,.
  well, “Quality of Song is Judged by number of souls it stirs”

“Happy Masks For Life”

Once again,Happy Diwali Readers !!!
” Just Spread Smile Because You never know how one’s life is going, Contribute your lil time, It value’s More” :)
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