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Meet the ‘bookstagrammer’ helping people reconnect with reading one book at a time – By Noor Anand Chawla

Meet the ‘bookstagrammer’ helping people reconnect with reading one book at a time

Mumbai-based Vidhya Thakkar creates book-related content on her website and her Instagram page @reader_viddh.

Having a presence on social and digital media has become necessary to climb the ladder in any professional field. Those who have built and maintained their social media presence consistently over time are more likely to taste success.

Mumbai-based Vidhya Thakkar, a book influencer and social media strategist who is better known by her Instagram name @reader_viddh, is a good example of this. Having started her ‘bookstagram’ account in May 2017, she will soon complete five successful years of building her book review brand on her own steam.

She joins YSWeekender for a chat to give a peek inside the unexplored world of book influencers. Here are the excerpts from the edited interview:

YSWeekender [YSW]: Why did you choose to enter this unusual field?

Vidhya Thakkar [VT]: I have a bachelor’s degree in mass media, with a specialisation in advertising. I also have a diploma in digital marketing, and these degrees helped me understand the future of media, and how one can shine in competitive new mediums. I’ve been blogging on my website for over seven years, and I’ve been creating book-related content for five of these. The skills I have learnt over the years have enabled me to become a freelance social media marketer as well, and I work with brands and manage their social media accounts for their marketing and promotion plans.

Setting up my ‘bookstagram’ account was an impromptu decision. I already had a blog on my website where I would pen poems and write about my life experiences. One day, while travelling, I clicked a picture with a book, and while searching for hashtags, I came across a popular one called #bookstagram. It intrigued me and I decided to research further. And that was it… I started my own ‘bookstagram’ account @reader_viddh on May 17, 2017, where I talk about books, recommend good reads, and create interesting and varied content in the book space.


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