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Get 40% off on all titles – Yogi Impressions

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A little extra knowledge, a little extra care and a little (more) extra discounts on books are few of the things which may never hurt.

As dramatic as it sounds, there is no denial to the same. As we stay in, trying to save ourselves and our family from the pandemic, how about trying and honing a few skills by reading books on wellness, spirituality, finance, prosperity, health?

 YOGI IMPRESSIONS is here with an extra 40% discount on all products till 31st of May for you to make sure you do not run out of reading resources. These range of affordable books include non-fiction genres focusing on non-duality, kundalini, religion, mythology, paranormal, tarot, biography, mental health, parenting, health and wellness, alternative health, enlightened business, financial prosperity, multicultural studies, as well as books for children.

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 Few of the books which I’ve ordered are Rukmini by Shivdutt Sharma, a mythological and contemporary read of the one who was the first amongst the wives of Krishna.

Big Fat Lies women tell themselves by Amy Ahlers. Learn how to rewire the self sabotaging lies you tell yourself into affirming truths that will increase self respect, self love, and self compassion, transforming your inner and outer lives.

Books in letter form carry their own charm and so I have also added Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke and two books by the very trusted Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now Journal and Stillness Speaks. Eckhart’s books have proved very helpful to people who were on a spiritual quest.

The Power Of Now Journal

This beautiful journal is filled with carefully chosen, inspiring quotes from Eckhart Tolle's masterpiece, The Power of NowTerms like groundbreaking and life-changing are often used to describe books, but not always accurately. They are when describing The Power of Now, which has become a genuine cu

 If you are someone who wants to understand how powerful our thoughts and words are, you ought to read As You Think by James Allen. To learn, understand and aid spiritual financial decisions, the assistance of Tarot Cards specifically for the same, The Money Tarot Book by Rohit Arya is designed to be practical, suggest immediate action and does not require long periods of familiarization.

 Amongst all these options, you certainly are going to find a book which shall aid you in these testing times. I have already placed my order of books which I badly want to read, learn and understand when it comes to spiritual upbringing. Discover unique titles with knowledge as deep and vast as an ocean-like The Science Of Getting Rich Wallace D. Wattles or The Healing Power of Plants by Umesh Pande which is full of Tested Remedies for almost every ailment.

 In trying times like these, take an advantage of these books at discounted prices by Yogi Impressions who have a wide range of options for you to look inwards. Check out the books, read more books and make better use by improving from the inside as well as from the outside. The 40% discounted sale began and will end on 31st May. Grab it before it passes by!

In case spirituality, wellness, mythology, parenting, tarot books are not something you have ever read, how about trying it today?

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