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Interview with Dimple Somji – Author of Love Thy Neighbour… Caught.

A woman who is powerful by virtue, successful by actions and happy by choice. She is a first-time author and has just released her book- Love Thy Neighbour…Caught! She is the Face of Pune for Shes Mercedes, has been awarded Times Power Woman 2018; and received various recognitions across many fields. The stage is her second home- right from hosting events, scriptwriting, walking the ramp and conducting photoshoots for some of the top brands of India- she’s an artist in her own right. She is a Social Media Influencer, an Educationist and an Entrepreneur. No matter what she picks up, she gives her 100% to it.

She has the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie and the spirit of a fairy. You can hit her up on the Instagram handle @yogaandfairylife


Tell us about the idea behind the book?

I always wanted to pen down my journey of love and inspire other couples around the world to believe in the magic of love. So I went ahead, wrote and published my book-
Love Thy Neighbour…Caught!

No one can deny that the term “love” has completely changed definitions and meanings during the millennial generation.
Love Thy Neighbour…Caught! is an innocent and untainted view of how a love story culminated before the Millenials and Gen Z and the transition of a relationship between spouses. It is a poetic rendition of the journey of love and her beloved in the era of 1999- a love story without cellphones.
This is a journey of two souls who have grown up together, living each day with utmost love, gratitude and neighbourliness (pun intended) for each other. It will journey you down to another place and time, when people Lived, not just existed. When couples fell asleep in the comfort of arms and not in the blue light of television playing Netflix.

There are anecdotes from a personal love story spanning across a period of 20 years- a love that was modern enough to survive the times but old fashioned enough to last forever. It brings out love in its purest form – a love that survived all odds of an inter-caste marriage. 

A Hindu girl married a Muslim boy on the day of Christmas! Get a glimpse into the life of this rom com that will leave you inspired to believe in the magic of love, reveal secrets of a solid relationship and fill you with hope to write our own perfectly flawed love story!

Your favourite Part from the book?

1. The Foreword- written by my 8-year-old daughter Adaah.
This book captured my love story with my beloved but behind the scenes, it made Adaah aware about her parents roots, their love and their strength. She lived my life through this book and truly understood the essence of how her parents got together,  how they fell in love and all that they endured to be together. It was precious to answer to all her questions and curiosity..I got to relive my relationship through her eyes…I passed her the legacy of love in its most simple and pure form❤
2. The Illustrations- My goddaughter Disha is the official illustrator of this book at such a young age of 16.
I dont know how she did it but she does understand me without words! What she has created is pure magic. Especially the book cover- it is the ideal visual representation of my entire story.

How much time did it take in the process of writing?

Honestly, about 2 months…I shut out from the world and immersed myself in it. But the process of re-reads, edits, illustrations, cover finalisation and final draft took about 6 months.
I still remember the day I finished with my first complete draft, I broke down. And my daughter Adaah came to me all worried and concerned why was I crying. We hugged and screamed and danced as I told her- my book is complete! It’s a moment that can’t be ever put into words.

What did the process of writing this book teach you?

1. Write with your heart in the first draft. Save it. Then go and do all the edits you want. But keep referring to that first draft. That holds the real you.
2. A writers journey includes learning about paper types, sizes, layouts, word count, illustrations, printing, binding, the works. You need to know the complete process that goes behind one book
3. What comes from the heart, goes to the heart.

What inspired you to write this book?

If there is one legacy I wish to leave behind, it is the magic of what love is, and all that it can be. I came face to face with love in the form of my beloved who made me who I am. We may not live on forever, but our story will.
This is me..the raw me. The unedited version of me.
I could have chosen to write perfect. But I went ahead with being
Real instead. I wanted to be the me of 1999 and write the story of the younger version of me, the me who flew in love. If I am remembered for anything in this world, I would want to be remembered as Love

5 books one must read in a lifetime?

The Power of the Subconscious Mind
All the series of Chicken Soup for the Soul
The Ultimate Gift
Tuesdays with Morrie

A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

I grew up on Chicken Soup For the Soul series. To hear real-life people speak about their journey, their love, their pain, battles- warmed my heart. We humans are a species who have to power to empower others by sharing our life experiences. And that is just what I wish to achieve with this book. I want this story to inspire you to love and believe in love over and over again.

Tell us about your publishing journey in 5 words.

Enlightening. Tough. Technical. Research-based. Insightful.

Tell us about your plans? Planning a new book?

Maybe someday but not in the near future. Also, if I do write another book it would be a non-fiction one again, as I believe in real people inspiring real people.

What is a literary success for you?

Through this book, through any word of this book, I wish to leave my reader smiling in tears. Life’s too small and there’s a difference you need to make into so many lives. And I chose the path of love.

If you are thinking of following your heart, but are fearful and scared, I hope this book gives you the faith to take that leap.
If there’s a voice in your head thinking of holding someone’s hand, I wish this book gives you the courage to lean forward. If you are second-guessing your decision to start that relationship, I pray this book gives you the push you need to believe some more.
If life is chaotic , I hope you find the calm, that centre in the chaos of what love can be.
If you are thinking of giving up, I wish you get the courage to give more chances.
If you are deciding to stop believing in love because of what happened to you, I pray you never give up on love and know that you met a roadblock in order to see straight again.

I just want everyone to believe in the purest emotion called love. Because deep down each one is seeking to be loved. And I wish for them to simply discover that.

A message for all the readers

This book is a humble attempt to allow love to still be the reason you breathe. It’s not here to be a bestseller, it is a form and a means to reach you when you sit down with yourself and realise love is the answer, no matter what is the question. Go love…love just a little more!

This book is for each of you who has crossed the path of love in some form or another. Know that whatever door love leads you to, you can open it together.

Through this debut book, I am keen to keep my inbox and heart open, for you to share your love, your ambiguity about love and reach out for relationship advice. I pass you love in all its beauty , in all its strength. Whoever gets to experience you, needs your light. Come lose yourself in my world.

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