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I always loved reading, this time I got a chance to Interact with Author. so here’s small chat with Author Sara Naveed.

About the Author

Sara Naveed is the author of Undying Affinity Our Story ends here. Being a writer has always been her dream. Having written in many fiction forums, Sara’s interest grew in writing. She currently resides in Lahore, Pakistan.You can like her page on Facebook:, follow on Twitter: @SaraNaveed, and stalk on Instagram: @sara_naveed 


  •  What inspired you to write this book?
    – A writer was always inside me. I just took a lot of time to realize it. A male character came into my mind that led me to seriously work on a book in the first place. 
  • Who is Your Favorite writer and which books are your favorite?
    -Oh, there are so many. Since I write romance, therefore I’ll mention some of my favorite romance writers here: Colleen Hoover, Rainbow Rainbow, Cecelia Ahern, and Jojo Moyes. Apart from romance fiction, I’ve really enjoyed works from Khaled Hosseini, Paulo Coelho, and R.L Stine (he’s my favorite childhood author so I had to mention him). 
  • The book talks about fate and destiny. Do you believe in destiny?
    – Surprisingly, both of my books speak about fate and destiny. I truly believe in destiny, otherwise, my work would not reflect this imperative event.
  •   The story in the novel is connected to your real life too?
    -Not at all. The story is purely fiction, not inspired by any true event. Whatever you’ve read in the book has jumped out of my fantasy.
  • When are you planning for your next book?
    – I’m currently working on my third book which is still untitled. Hopefully, if all goes well, it should come out next year.
  •  What are your interests other than writing?
    – I love reading books. I enjoy cooking only on weekends. Apart from that, watching movies, hanging out, traveling and shopping are some of my interests.
  • What inspires you in life?
    -Everything. Life itself is quite inspiring.
  • Your all-time favorite quote?-All time favorite quote will be from my first book – “There is nothing right or wrong in love. Where there is love, then there is nothing but only love.”
  •  How long it took to finish your first novel?
    – Around 2 years.
  •  How did you feel when your very first novel got published?
    – Apparently, most of the readers in India might believe that Our Story Ends Here is my first novel. However, Undying Affinity was the first one I got published. Though I got it self-published, the feeling was ecstatic. I am super glad that Undying Affinity is getting republished coming November. The book will finally get a wider reach.
  • Which character of a story did you like the most? And why?
    -Hmm. This is a tough question. I instantly fall in love with a character whenever I come across a good book. To name one of them, Lily Bloom from the novel It Ends With Us was one headstrong female character I really got inspired from.
  • A Message for all upcoming writers.
    -Stay consistent with writing. Make a schedule and strictly follow it. Read a lot of books. Don’t procrastinate even if the urge is quite strong. Learn digital marketing and blogging as it has become a necessity these days. Being a writer you should know how to market your work on a digital platform.

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