Interview with Gyanesh Sahu

Gyanesh Sahu- Author of the book start a startup from a start.

Gyanesh Sahu is the author of the novel ” Start a Start-up from Start. ” As well as he is online an entrepreneur.
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Interview:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

1: What inspires you to write?
I believe inspiration comes from failures which you face in your life. I failed miserably in my start-up. I used to be depressed at that time. I wanted to give a message to young entrepreneurs. So It became an inspiration for me.

2: How long does it take you to write a book?

I had made the plot before 2 years back already but it was just the technical part. But I started to write the fictional part before 6 months. Firstly I wanted to pass my learning just by putting the technical part in my book. But I thought that it will be very boring. So I made fictional chapters Abhimanyu, Shanaya, Soumya, and Shubham. The story keeps running around them.

3: In which genre you would write your book other than this Genre!
I would love to write about science fiction as well as spirituality.

4: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?
It changed my writing style completely because now I know how to make plots properly and what should be kept on the script and what not. Apart from this now I am more aware of grammatical errors.

5: What are common traps for aspiring writers?
The most common traps for writers are doubting themselves, taking pieces of advice from which friends who have not read a single novel and thinking too much about the success of the novel. I think aspiring writers should avoid these sort of things.

6: How often do you write?
Whenever I get intuition I start writing instantly. I write the poem, one-liners, and short stories. But there is no fixed schedule for it.

7: What does literary success look like to you?
When your work changes the lives of other human being and inspires them to live a better life.

8: What are your hobbies, passion other than writing?
Listening music, blogging and doing digital marketing are my hobbies. I keep doing experiments in these things. My passion is to become motivational speaker one day.

9: Which of your novels best describes you as a person?
Autobiography of a Yogi.

10: Have you ever written a character based on the real you in some part?
Yeah, an incident where my website got hacked was the real incident in my life. The incident took place when I was in the third year of engineering. I recreated it and it became the most important plot of the novel.Apart from this an incident where Abhimanyu could not save the life of the puppy was the real incident of my life. It changed my thought process. So I decided to recreate this incident also.

11: Can you tell us about your current projects?
Recently I am working on some short love stories, which will be based on selfless love.  Apart from this, I have decided to write some stories in Hindi also.

12: A message for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs?
My simple advice for is budding writers is to keep writing without worrying about grammatical mistakes, punctuation and other things. Things will take time to settle. The more you write, the more your writing skills will enhance.One more thing, there are various writing tools are available on the internet. So use it accordingly. It will definitely pave the way for your writing career.For entrepreneurs, Never give up on your dreams. You may fail several times in your life but keep doing the new experiments. On a lighter note if you get failed in entrepreneurship you can write it as a novel also. Like I did.

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