Book Review: Wedding Pickle by Neha Sharma

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Sometimes in life things happen just like that, but when a good thing comes to you too fast doesn’t mean you push it away.

Author: Neha Sharma
Publisher: Grapevine India
Rating: 3.5/5

Summary:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

Avni is an independent, fun loving girl who loves the idea of being in love and having a happy ever after, only she knows this idea is too good to be true in this world, true love is nothing but a farce. Embroiled in her fears, doubts and her haunting past, does she get past her reluctance toward marriage? Does she find someone she can have a happy ever after with? Or does she actually prove her own point that true love is nothing but a farce in today’s world.


Avni an independent girl, who is settled and loves her job, life and friends, will be meeting a guy of her parents choice. is she ready to get married?  will she be ready to change her life? she is going to meet Ansh. An NRI with a professional personality and a gentleman. will Avni love ansh? or just do the wedding for her parent’s sake. will she let go her past and move on? will she agree with the arranged marriage?

First of all, I loved the title of the book, it’s attractive. The cover of the book is good, but it could have been much better. The story starts with Avni’s parents forcing her to see a guy. The narration of the story is wonderful. yes, it’s impressive and one can easily connect with the story well. the story tells a lot about from what phases an independent woman in India goes through when it’s about marriage. it shows the reality, what a girl goes through (emotionally & mentally). The plot of the story is realistic and flawless. I loved how Avni’s thoughts were portrayed well. when she met Ansh, what she expected, what she should say to her parents when she thinks about past. each and everything is portrayed in a wonderful manner and in a practical way. her mental state, her life everything.  The story has a strong plot and narration.  The language used by the author is simple and interesting. One can instantly connect with the story well and can visualize the story. The phase of the story is lil slow, but again it’s worth a read. The flow of the story is smooth and crisp. There are places where the author has used Hindi words, to make a story more realistic. The characters of the story are wonderful. Every girl will fall in love with Ansh’s character and would love to have a partner like ansh. Avni’s character is also good. I loved Roshni’s character. how she gracefully makes situations light. There are many characters in the story and each of them has its own importance. be it Kriti’s character or Avni’s sister. In the end, I felt the story was dragged and at some places, there were dialogues which were not necessary.

The story has many themes like friendship, love, family, relationships and many more. I loved the friendship bond of Avni, Roshni and Kriti, Kriti’s love story, Ansh attitude and many more. Overall, it’s a realistic story like A complete Hindi movie.

Overall, its a simple, crisp story with strong characters, amazing plot, wonderful narration and simple and easy language.

If you like reading a simple story, go for this book.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received the copy of the book from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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