It Sounds So Easy !

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How can one adapt change in life so easily? How can one accept the fact that things have been changed now? Does it sound easy, to detach from every memory? From The time where everything was just like a fairy tale?
In life there comes a time, where all you can do is say Goodbye. Goodbye to every memory that once made you smile. There will be something good that lies in Goodbye.
“They say learn to Adapt Change” that’s true but Learn to Adapt it with a smile. Appreciate the change. They say it’s easy to adopt change, just ask yourself once is it so easy? Well answer to this is, of course, No ! You can’t get detached so easily, you can’t adapt change so easily Until you make it look that it’s easy. We are now fond of wearing masks, Portraying that we are happy!
“Key to Happy life is knowing that life is never in control, Just accept and keep learning”

Like there’s always a flip, life makes you value every little thing you have in life, yes it makes you know life will always sound easy if you take things Easy!
Happy life is when you accept happily everything that life offers you. Getting Detached to memories may sound difficult but cherishing them, and making them a special part of life is easy. It’s the Reason why we exist. “Time change, But Memories Remain Constant” Learn to make every moment so beautiful that when in old years you can tell, yes they make life worth living, that was the reason why life was so easy.

Everything in life is easy, it’s just the way we think and look at it. Learn to Appreciate every moment, even if it’s sad.

To tell, There were many Tales,
But Life Had it’s own Heads and Tails,
Even there are times we fail,
Still life Prevail.

There are times when People Leave,
But atlas, on life, Just  Believe,

It always have something to learn,
even it memories make  your heart Burn.

Everything is so easy,
That’s How it Sounds,
Don’t make life so Busy,
Every Effort Is being Crowned.

Make it Beautiful,
and enjoy the Crown,
Learn to Appreciate,
The Happiness All Around!

—————Let every Moment Of Life Be a Surprise——————————–

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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