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The Chaos

Dear sunshine,

Learn to love the chaos, to value them.

Sunshine, there will be so many things going in your mind. There are so many things happening around you, it’s all chaotic out them.

Sunshine, learn from them. These are the things that will give you clarity. It will help you in knowing what you want. Where you want to go.

Sunshine, in life, learn to value every single thing. Be it a person or something you got, never disrespect sunshine.

There are so many around you who don’t get what you have. And they’re the one who will keep it forever if they got, isn’t it? It’s because they know, to value what they get.

Sunshine, remember, in life, these valuables things will make your life easy. The people whom you once helped, whom you respect and value will be the one who will be there with you till the end.

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There will be a time when you’ll feel you’re not valued by others, you’ll not be appreciated. At that tome sunshine, remember you have to respect yourself first, you have to first value yourself then others will.

Sunshine, it’s the most important thing I want you to learn in life, to value and to respect yourself. To love yourself so much that you never feel unloved. I don’t want you to repeat my mistakes. How I never loved myself, how self-care, self-love was the last on my list.

I have gone through this sunshine, it’s the biggest mistake that I made and I don’t want you to do. Love yourself first!

Also sunshine, never forget to express what you feel, express all the chaos of your mind, your experience, your perspective. Because that’s how you’ll learn, that’s how you’ll grow, and that’s how you’ll love and value.

Sunshine, this world is full of positivity as well as negativity, you are here planted to grow and shine. Grow from all the negativity and making surrounding positive and bright. And for that sunshine, you need to love yourself, value yourself.

Sunshine, learn to value the timings of life 🙂 they know it all 🙂



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  1. Vartika

    Absolutely right. Learn to value before it’s too late.

  2. Meena

    Great letter to Sunshine.

  3. Rashmi

    Keep growing and keep loving yourself Sunshine!

  4. Very correct. There is no way to command respect from others if we do not have a liking and respect for our own selves.

  5. Noor Anand Chawla

    Beautiful Vidhya! We really must value ourselves in order for the world to start valuing us.

  6. Abhijit

    You always come out with profound message through these posts written as a letter. Yes there will be chaos around us, because we don’t control the world. We control ourselves. How we deal with chaos is important. Chaos is important. Because only by churning of the ocean, nectar of life was unearthed. It is important to accept oneself and love self. Because only those who are comfortable with self, can love others.

  7. Dr.Amrita

    Pain and chaos are all stepping stones too.

  8. Harjeet Kaur

    I wish all kids were taught to value what they got..another good one from you Vidhya.

  9. Ujjwal mishra

    Time is one thing that never stops for anyone, so we have to pit it to good use till we have some left in hand. Great message.

  10. Priyanka Nair

    Very inspiring one Vidhya 🙂

  11. Jeanine Byers

    Oh, I love that! – “to love yourself so much that you never feel unloved.”

  12. Roopali kadam

    Absolutely correct, we should value and respect ourselves.

  13. Ninu Nair

    Great…you write so beautifully…every post touches the heart!

  14. Manas Mukul

    Really good message. Wonderful post.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  15. Martha

    A perfect message! I especially like the ending “Grow from all the negativity and making surrounding positive and bright.” My grandson had a rough time, moving from foster home to foster home and was basically on his own from 15 years old. He is now 20 and I’m so proud of who he has become. He followed what you said and learned from the negativity and now his life is blessed with positivity an hope.

  16. PraGun

    Another great letter to sunshine, love yourself and don’t be afraid of chaos in mind.

  17. Suhasini I.P.

    Another beautiful post . I like the sentence grow from all the negativity

  18. Ruchi

    Yes learn to value yourself !!

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