Love…is it??

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Always There,Never Apart
But like Hit Of Dart,
Things Started Falling Apart,
Slowly she learned much,
Still Trying to Understand Meaning of “LOVE”

Not talking back…not responding properly..ignoring  each other..but at the end there’s spark of care always seen..
Is that love? Or just a care? Is that to clear out all their mistakes? Or just being fake?

They both understands each other..knows each other so well..every time they come to know that other one is not okay..but sometimes she just refuse herself to ask him.. simple reason is because of his happiness.

People say “try to be happy in others happiness…you will be automatically happy”
Is that so easy? To see your love going away from you and you stand speech less because you care for your love and just miss all the memories.

She tried to be happy at least in front of him..there  was no regret but she was just learning to be happy in his happiness…she didn’t mind being alone if her love is happy.

“Memories give more pain than a person”
Is it? Is it her love that she was doing all these things though being completely lost? She tried so many times to ignore..stay away from him..for his happiness. .she tried not to communicate. .she tried to block him everywhere. .but it never happened ! Is it love that stops her? Or her regrets that stops her?
People say love is sacrifice, but really?
People say Love can change a person but heartbreak may Totally create a New person. Well, still they tried to hide their pain, they pretend they are okay ! but inside it kills !
Well, There’s end of everything from trust to friendship, from Friendliness to fights, from care to endless talks… Hope Even Love ends Soon not only Love But memories too..

“Chot lagi h usse, phir kyu mehsoos muje  ho raha” Is that Still LOVE? 

last but not the least, 
“ye to karishma h Mohabat ka,
Varna Patthakro ko Taj Mahal Kon Kehta”
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