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She will build the castle again – Mad Moments #1

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We have been in situations where we don’t want to give up, on a person or a situation. We want to try our best to save every bit of it, isn’t it?
In this process, we forget ourselves, we cross all our limits, walk a way ahead to solve it all, to make things fall in place. A part of you craves for that person. No matter how much people say, to move on, to cheer up, It’s us who has to swim, who has to come out of that flood, who have to build the castle again.

She will build the castle again, soon,
she will guard the doors high,
not letting anyone enter,
to break her heart twice.

She’s strong enough to survive,
strong enough to swim the flood,
maybe she will take a lil time
but it’s worth it.

The scars she got damaged her,
making her stronger day by day,
She feels more and more connected,
With the universe now.

she suppresses her feeling with a mask of smile,
she expresses them when the moon shines,
At times she just overthinks,
trying to fix the missing puzzle right.

She let it go,
she forgives him and his love,
she forgives all the mistakes this time.

She loves herself a lil bit more now,
She pampers herself more,
In finding the missing puzzle,
She found herself again.

She is building her castle again,
slowly, piece by piece,
Stronger this time,
not letting it get damaged once again.

She now trusts herself more,
and her decisions,
she let the universe take a call,
and Guide her through all.

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