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Marketing Success Formula by Rajesh Srinivasan : Book Review

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Author: Rajesh Srinivasan
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 4/5


Marketing Success Formula: Definitive Guide to Attract more Customers, Increase the Sales and Profits with less effort by Rajesh Srinivasan is a book that has a powerful 4 step marketing formula.

This book is all you need if you want to explore the field of marketing. The author explains the a to z of marketing in a crisp way. It’s a well detailed and informative book that will change your perspective when it comes to handling a campaign.

From competitors to market competition, from consumer behavior to the way of thinking, the author discussed various factors in an effective way

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. The language used by the author is simple and crisp. I loved the writing style of the author. It’s Lucid and appealing.

One can connect to the book well. This book has all the practical knacks that are helpful for marketing effectively. I liked how the author added exercises, examples, graphs, infographics which again makes this book unique and interesting.

It’s a well researched and detailed book. You won’t be bugged reading this book. It’s all about learning new techniques. Overall, It’s a wonderful book. A light read with various tips that will help you.


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Do you know the No.1 REASON why most of the businesses FAIL to grow quickly?

Because they do not have an Effective Marketing Plan or System which can help them to grow their business. Most entrepreneurs and marketers jump into advertising without having a winning strategy in place and waste huge amount of money in advertising.

Rajesh Srinivasan’s New Book ‘Marketing Success Formula’ reveals a 
4-STEP MARKETING FORMULA which can help to market your business successfully without wasting time and money on unproductive marketing tactics like cold calling.

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