Not Broken, Just Bent

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How does it feel when you just have to fake a smile for others happiness?
Yes,Life brings you at that point where you have to keep aside your pain,your sorrows and have smile,have positivity in yourself just for other’s happiness.
“We are never broken, just bent “
yes,no matter how many problems we have in life, but no one can break the chain ! Chain of live,laugh and love.
yes we are bent with many problems,worries,pain but not broken.
“No pain is so terrible that can break you,it will bring you in worst phase,it will bent you but won’t break you” !

Her smile and laugh was all fake,
it was just for name sake,
while performing various tasks,
She wore a smiling mask.

she handled all situations with smile wide,
No one knew the pain,she hides.
People asked,for suggestions but never for her pain
She answered,with smile again and again.

She had smile every new day,
She answered all,but asked none to stay.
She lived,She loved,Got her heart broken,
there were many words,left unspoken.

She believed,
trust is what is meant
We are not broken,just bent :)

In life, no matter what situations are,stay positive, spread smile, motivate people.
Because the more you smile, more pain will be hidden!
And we are not broken,Just bent !
So don’t get broken, instead getup,fix up yourself, and have a smile !

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