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One Summer In Poleru by Nanda Kishore Rajanala – Book Review

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Author: Nanda Kishore Rajanala
Publisher: Garuda Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. 

Writing Style


A refreshing, light and encouraging read. A story that conveys an important message. A book that I truly enjoyed reading.



•people who make choices become powerful in life.•

•Maybe God is a mere spectator watching us making our choices and performing our actions. He is simply there to ensure that we face the consequences of our actions, good or bad, and is not actually making choices for us by force.•

Renu’s exams just got over and her school is never going to reopen. She’s sad because it was one of the best government schools near the village of Poleru. Thinking about the school she takes a different route to return to her village, a bit dangerous one where she encountered a Buffalo with a Red Dot. A conversation with Buffalo changed her perspective and the next she does is unexpected.

One Summer in Poleru by Nanda Rajanala is a riveting story of Renu and her Village where elections will be happening soon. Renu wants to save her school from demolition but doesn’t know how. She goes to the village library to seek help from the books, and she witnesses something strange and her mission begins.

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The plot of the story is interesting, filled with twists and unexpected events that will make readers curious. The author gives readers a glimpse of village life and how with power, big names there make the lives of people difficult. He gives us a glimpse of the Panchayat of the village, the schools and also tells about the people with good intentions who wish for the growth of the village.

Poleru is a village with rich History and Renu gears up to save her school with a protest. Will anyone hear a child’s voice? Will Renu succeed? With crisp descriptive narrative and captivating writing style, with the themes of Politics, drama, entertainment, friendship and a wish to save her school, witness the adventures of Renu and her friends.

Right from the start, the author captures the reader’s attention. With Renu’s encounters, while going home to saving someone’s life, the unexpected events get your attention. What I loved most about the story is the village is literate and the people there want to bring change.

While there are bad people, there are good people who want the village to grow.

It’s a fast pace story with lots of drama and fun. The story starts well and gets interesting with each chapter. The author tries well to keep the suspense till the end. Renu’s determination and to do the good will lead to some serious events in the village. While there are already certain activities happening in the village at night and in the library. What is it? With high political drama and adventures, crime, innocence , the author weaves an excellent tale that you will enjoy.

The characters are well sketched by the author. I loved Renu’s character the most. Her will, determination and spirit of never giving up make her special. I loved her father’s character too. The way he supported her and made sure his daughter gets the best. Another character that I really liked was inspector Prasad. His attitude and honesty made him different.

Renu’s parent’s love, her father’s courage, and support from Renu’s friends make it special. Another thing that I loved the most about the book is the way the author gave importance to each character.

Each character had a role to play and an interesting event to witness which the author described well.

This book has shades of emotions and the author manages to make readers smile with lighter moments during some intense events. It’s a story with lots of twists and courage. A story that will bring smile on your face as you feel proud of Renu. A refreshing, light and encouraging read. A story that conveys an important message. A book that I truly enjoyed reading.


A government school in Poleru village is destined to be demolished by the authorities. The school was once a gurukul during the Chola period and a testimony to the rich history of the then prosperous cluster of villages in the kingdom. What would Renu do to save her humble school? Well, the Buffalo Garu gives her the wisdom to believe in herself and gather the courage to act. As the summer begins, Renu and her band of energetic friends – Lakshmi, Mary and Sweta, resolve to save the school. An innocent act of public protest leads the girls to unwittingly expose an illegal land-deal racket run by some powerful people. Things get worse when a politician linked to it gets brutally murdered. Inspector Prasad, an honest and patient man of the law, investigates the maze of connections that rattles the quaint village. Curiosity, grit, honesty, and selfless human bonds work in unison to save the school…and braving the odds, Renu protects Poleru.

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