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Closer To Love by King Vex – Book Review

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Author: King Vex
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India

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A book that you can go to every time you feel low or want to find answers. An inspiring read that you must must add to your shelf!



I thank God I found his Books! While #healingisthenewhigh healed me, his new book #closertolove is making me fall in love with LOVE, again!

Kick-starting the Book Tour of #closertolove by @vexking published by @panmacmillanindia !

Vex King takes us to the journey of self-awareness, helping us learn how we can create habits, mindsets and practices that will enrich our relationships.

He emphasizes on loving ourselves first, then falling for someone else. He explains how our experiences and our perspective shape our reality to the kind of relationships we want to build. How we can learn from our past and create a better future.

He shares the affirmations, tips, situations and tactics that give us a clear understanding. Here you’ll have many questions to answer, and many things to learn.

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I am currently reading this book and loving how it is turning out to be. With a Crisp, practical and relatable approach, Vex King gives us a deeper understanding of How to love unconditionally, how to heal and love ourselves first with apt examples.

A book that you can go to every time you feel low or want to find answers. An inspiring read that you must must add to your shelf!


Modern relationships are more complex than ever, and our approach to love often comes from a place of lack, rather than an outpouring of a cup that is already filled. Our inherent need to give and receive love is as true today as it was at the dawn of time, but the purest love is built on self-love.

Vex King, author of bestselling Good Vibes, Good Life and Healing is the New High is back with Closer to Love, a practical guide to creating lasting connections. Vex has developed these practises and skills to help him heal, to build stronger connections and to find peace and joy in his own romantic relationship. He is now sharing his wisdom and experience to guide readers on their own journeys.

In three clear steps, Vex will help you to:
– Understand the role you play within your connections
– Build meaningful and mindful relationships
– Learn how to love authentically and unconditionally

Closer to Love will empower you to cultivate mature, meaningful relationships, overcome fears, expectations and insecurities, develop clarity around who you really are and understand what kind of relationships you want to build.

Isn’t it time you got closer – to yourself, to others, and to love?

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