Product Review: Pee Safe- Toilet seat sanitizer

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PeeSafe is an instant Toilet Seat sanitizer Spray which kills 99.99% germs, without leaving any residual. It consists of IPA Formulation which starts action within 5 seconds of application. The small and compact bottle makes it travel friendly, providing you protection from bathroom borne diseases like Diarrhoea and Urinary Tract Infection on the go and at home.

PeeSafe is one more thing that I always carry with me in my Handbag. It’s one of the best option to use while using Public Toilets. I am a traveller and I travel in trains, This is the one thing that I always carry as Toilets in trains are too dirty. It prevents one from the infections. It’s very helpful as it saves us from Vaginal infections. It’s easy as well as safe to use. The smell of the spray is also good. 
It’s an important product for everyone to prevent yourself from infections. Nowadays, be it malls, restaurants or normal toilets, its unsafe to use it. Peesafe is a great help to deal with such situations.

– It protects Bathrooms from borne diseases
– Cleans and sanitizes the seat from germs and Bacteria.
– Light and easy to carry
– Smell’s good
– Keeps you safe from infections.

One must have it in your handbag!!

Be safe with PEESAFE.

Get your peesafe  here.

How to use it:
Shake your PeeSafe bottle and spray it on the toilet seat from a distance of about 25 cms. The continuous mist sprayer helps to coat a fine layer of PeeSafe on the toilet seat
PeeSafe takes just 5 to 6 seconds to dry up completely killing all the harmful bacteria and leaves no residual on the seat.
The toilet is completely sanitized for use with a pleasant fragrance. We recommend using PeeSafe every time you visit the toilet ensuring complete protection against bathroom borne diseases.

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