Rhythm of Remembrance by Samir Satam – Book Review

Rhythm of Remembrance by Samir Satam – Book Review

Author: Samir Satam


The Rhythm of Remembrance by Samir Satam is a collection of 75 beautiful poems.

Firstly, I loved the title of the book, the reason I wanted to pick up this book. This book is a gem. An amazing combination of poems and pictures that will make you fall in love with this book more and more.

Each poem, has it’s own depth, it’s own emotion that one could relate to. Take your own time, read it very slowly, dwell into the world of poems. It’s a wonderful book with deep meanings and different situations. . The writing style of the author is intriguing keeping the reader hooked throughout. Letting go, memories, love, loss and many other themes are used by the author.

My favourite ones are a wafting fragrance, what direction did the soil whisper? and that little unexpected gift.  From the cover to the title, everything is just beautiful. A short, and beautiful read that you’ll love.
Love reading poetry? Go for it.


This day, Today, when looked at from the window of Future; Wouldn’t it seem golden? But today it feels like just another day. Why does all this preciousness have to pass to be seen? Why can’t it get its due while it lives? Unfortunately that’s the way it has always been. The Future seems to hold a certain value for The Past. But The Present seems to be like an unfinished coin. It’s still incomplete to derive any worth. The poems in this collection ‘The Camphor Of Night’ are little things stolen from life which found their way to a treasury box in which they lay locked for years until these little things developed a life of their own and hence they need to be set free, because now is their time to breathe.

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