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Signature by Karan Veer Bharadwaj – Book Review

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Author: Karan Veer Bharadwaj
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style


It’s a light, quick and refreshing read that you will enjoy over a cup of coffee. Love reading poems? Do read this one.



Well, it tells a lot about the person. I do take signs of how one’s personality will be from their signature.

Poetry has always been my go-to genre. Whenever I feel low, poetry cheers me up and this book did make me feel emotional.

Karan_veer_bharadwaj Karan Veer Bharadwaj’s Signature is a collection of poems, letters and micro tales that will take you down the memory lane, making you emotional.

The poems are thought-provoking and to the point. With varied themes like nature, love, hope, and admiring everything around us, the author pens down poems on several unique topics like Signatures, Traffic lights, pen and other such which you will love.

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I loved these poems, especially the Signature poem. Loved the way he expressed it in a few words. The poems have depth and are pleasant at the same time.

The letters of course will make you emotional, especially the one he wrote to his sister. Not to forget the super interesting micro tales. With simplicity and rawness in his words, this book is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The enchanting writing style of the author will make you fall in love with his writing.

I even loved the micro tales section, the tales are powerful and pleasing at the same time, something that one could relate to.

•what you see is only a name,
But beyond that lies elements like grace, attitude and upcoming fame.
Sometimes simple too can be complex
The signature is an element that leaves behind a forever influence.•

It’s a light, quick and refreshing read that you will enjoy over a cup of coffee. Love reading poems? Do read this one. Recommended for beginners who want to start reading poems. This one is good to start with.


This book is a mixtape of emotions and feelings the author had penned down through years. It has taken a lot of effort and courage to craft this piece of work.

Definitely, the book might not suit some people’s pallate yet I believe somewhere or the other, everyone will be able to relate. 

I hope you read and and like the content of this carefully crafted creation.

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