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Some Great Lessons from the Book The Wit & Wisdom of Ratan Tata – #Blogchattera2z Challenge

A book that I would always treasure is The Wit & Wisdom of Ratan Tata from Hay House PublishersCheck the review of the book Here.

A book that keeps me going. This book is like an Inspiration, a life journey of Mr Ratan Tata in form of Quotes.This post is all about What I learned from this amazing book.

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A 233 Pages book sharing the journey of the Legend RATAN TATA. His years as Tata Group Chairman, The Nano, Life after Retirement are discussed aptly.
The black pages splendid photographs on the opposite aspect add attraction to the book. The cover itself makes one pick this book. It’s like a guide to all the young minds to achieve their passion.
It’s about his Goals, Enthusiasm, Courage, Inspiration, Determination, Simplicity, Curiosity, His life. This book has everything. His experiences and learnings can brighten the light at the end of any entrepreneurial tunnel. His simplicity, his work that inspires us. 
It teaches one many things and motivates to give their best. It has some of his quotes, lines from the speeches and his story. To all those who dream big, this book is for you.

1: Ethics and Values are the most important.

Ethics and Values are the most important for any company, for any person. This book tells how JRD Tata was. How he never broke any law, nor did he cut corners or find a loophole. He always followed his principles, values and did not allow anyone to break them. In life, it is very important to be our self, work on our terms and conditions.
It’s easy to come first, but what’s difficult is to be there.

2: Be your own self:

When you are wearing the boots of a person who was a Legend, the worst thing I can do was to copy him or be him, because I could never be J.R.D Tata.
When Ratan Tata became The chairman of the Tata Group, he decided to be himself, work on his principles, his values and do what is right for the company.
We should not look for someone who is our carbon copy. Being different is better than following someone else, isn’t it? This is the most important thing that I learned from this book.
Be yourself, express and experiment. You never know how things can change.

3: Experience every phase:

Different positions in different Tata Organisations had its own attributes, its pulls and pressures which made him what he is today.
This is the most important thing, each one of us should learn.
To accept situations and solve them. These small experiences will help you in the future.
Yes, It’s an amazing to know about how he handled situations. How each situation, each experience made me better and stronger each day, giving him a new perspective.

4: Passion Rules Us All.

It hasn’t felt like a job; It’s been more like a personal Issue. It hasn’t been for money and it hasn’t been for visibility. It’s just been the challenge and, to a Great extent, the Passion…
Whatever you do, do it with Passion. isn’t it true? In the end, it’s the passion that Rules us all. And the happiness of following our passion is something different than doing what we don’t like. Whatever you do, give your 100% , Put all your efforts and then your work will speak for you.

5: Go question it!

This is my favourite part of the book. I loved how he motivated young managers to question the system rather than accepting what is done in the past. For the growth of an organisation as well as a person, it is important to question if you find it wrong.
Do not Conform, Grow!
How he wanted them to ask questions, give their opinion and make a change.

6: Do something that you have never done before:

Are you willing to take the risk? to get out of your comfort zone and achieve something? Are you ready to face the difficulties, stay there, working harder? another important lesson for life by the great man.
Will you endeavour to dip your toe in the water and do something that you haven’t done before?

7: Mantra to always keep innovating.

Innovate. We always fear what if we will fail, what if things won’t work? The thought of failing, somewhere keeps us behind. Isn’t it? Try and control that fear of failing because
It is easy to become the number one player, but it is difficult to remain number one.
Try, it’s ok to fail, stand up again, stronger than before.

8: Moderately Successful.

A person who is always down to earth succeeds. isn’t it true? With small achievements, we will fly, but not that high that we forget our grounds. What makes him successful is his nature, his thoughts.
I would not consider myself to have been tremendously successful or as having failed tremendously. I would say I have been moderately Successful.
Yes, Whenever we read an article on Mr TATA, one thing that we all would think is he is so generous and down to earth person. Simplicity, honesty and positivity make one a successful person.

9: The fear of Competition.

It’s the single largest element that stands between the true potential of what we can give to the world and where it is today.
Competition never kills, it makes one more successful, and innovative in terms of how to deal with the problem.
Isn’t it true? We grow when we help others grow. Competition keeps our spirit up but not when taken personally. Compete for your growth, your experience.

10: My favourite Quotes.

Barriers to innovation are usually in mind.
Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build monuments.
Ups and downs in life are more important, Because a straight line even in ECG, means we are not alive. 
Nothing can destroy a person but his own mindset.
I am, unfortunately, a person who has often said:
You can put a gun to my head and pull the trigger or take the gun away; I won’t move my head.
There is so much to learn from this book, from this person. Loved this article? get your copy now.
This book is a treasure that I would keep forever.
Ratan Tata, A man who is loved by each and every one. Tell me how he inspires you?

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