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Sunshine, A letter to you my child – #childrensday

Dear Sunshine,

I don’t know when you’ll read this letter or will you even read this letter, but here I am writing to you, to my soul, to Shine.
You’re my sunshine, and I want you to shine. Sunshine, I want you to share happiness, conquer the darkness and spread brightness everywhere. I want you to heal others, to spread happiness and smiles.
Remember, Life will never be easy, you’ll learn a lot at every moment, at every stage of life, remember to observe. Yes, Remember to observe everyone around you and you’ll get to know a lot about them.
Sunshine, Remember to OBSERVE, Remember to act, but not to React on things that affect you.
There will be times where you’ll feel alone, where you’ll find it hard to trust at that time sunshine, I want you to READ. Yes, It will help you. Go to my library, or any store, browse and pick any book that you find interesting, I swear it will teach you, and heal you.
Remember, Books never Reject, people do.
I don’t know if you’ll like reading or not, but sunshine never fails to express your thoughts let it out in any form.  Sunshine, One more thing,  Never Give Up. Never think its an end of something when it doesn’t turn up the way you want.
Remember, Things take time, it will fall in place, wait, don’t Give up. and Last but not the least, learn to Understand and Adjust. Life will be easier when you’ll adjust.
Try to give this world everything you have, each and every bit of your knowledge and your world will be full of happiness.
Sunshine, Practice Gratitude, believe in togetherness and blending i.e Adjustments and you’ll win, always. Just Love, Love and Love everything without expectations.
Child, remember you are special, you can do many things, believe in yourself.
Remember to be like a star, shine bright but be ready to fall to make someone else’s wish come true.  Believe in yourself sunshine, because in the end, you have to fight the battle alone. Love. Also Read:
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  1. Jameela

    In the end the lines u have to fight the battles alone, makes a huge impact. Ur child shld definitely read this letter n be loved n love others.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      hehehe thanksss

  2. Pashmeena Chowdhary

    Great motivational words.Each child is unique and needs our constant encouragement to do evolve.Your child will love this letter..?

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      hehe thankk uu

  3. Surbhi prapanna

    loved the letter and especially the point of never up attitude..personally I strongly believe in this and would want to make my girls like this. great post for blogtrain.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      hehe thankk youuu

  4. Alpana

    “Remember to be like a star, shine bright but be ready to fall to make someone else’s wish come true.” wow…I fell in love with these words Vidhya. Truly a heartfelt letter.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thankk YOUUU

  5. Mittali

    Quite advisory. This will shape your child’s good future. Wish him all the luck, bless u little one.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thankk youuu

  6. Mahati ramya adivishnu

    Such important life lessons. I agree that it’s important to teach gratitude.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      thank youu

  7. Pr@Gun

    lovely letter to sunshine, true said that books never reject, they teach
    valuable lessons you have shared

    1. Vidhya Thakkar


  8. Aakanksha Vohra

    This is a such a realistic letter. This only a kom can do, motivate and caution the child together. Very well written. Not just yours but every kid deserves to be told all this…

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      yess! thank youu

  9. Pragnya Mishra

    A lively letter Vidhya. Gratitude is truly an amazing gift to teach our little ones.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      hehe thank youu

  10. Arushi Seth

    Lovely letter to Sunshine, Vidhya. You have given some great advice about life and its challenges. Great post. :)

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thannkk youu

  11. Supriti Garg

    i am sure your child will read this letter, understand it, absorb it and live it too. U are an amazing mom making your Sun shine brighter. Heartfelt words of appreciation and advice but my advice to u. From a mom to a mom, don’t ever have apprehensions about ur kids. be confident that they love u and respect u and half the battle would be won. :)

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      heehe thankk you! sure I’ll take care!! well I am yet to become MOM

  12. ujjwal mishra

    you are a specialist in writing letters Vidhya, i have read all you other letters too. Inspiring letter.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      hhahaha thank youu

  13. Noor Anand Chawla

    I love the heavy focus you have laid on books here Vidhya. This is what I would say to my child too!

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      hehe thank youuu

  14. Aditi Kapur

    Nice, motivating letter, loved it Vidhya:)

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      thank youuu

  15. vijvihaar silja

    Beautifully narrated motivational letter for your child. This letter is a treasure for your child.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thankk uu

  16. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    That’s a heartfelt letter Vidhya. I’m very sure that the child definitely gets to read this. Loved how you put down your thoughts on how the kid must handle situations.


    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thankk uu

  17. Rashi Roy

    Such a wonderful letter. Loved it.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thankk uu

  18. Surbhi

    Beautiful words by a beautiful mother. Surely make her read this one day.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      awww thankk uu

  19. Sweta

    Vidhya, your words are so motivational, I am surely saving it for my daughter when she starts understanding and reading it well. Lovely post and motivating words.

  20. Anjali M Naik

    Wow what an inspirational and thought provoking message to your child..Loved it..Especially the last line.

  21. Maneet Gulati

    I call my girls sunshine and moonbeams… so reading the word sunshine, my face lit up. Totally apt advice for your sunshine, in fact for all the kids.

  22. Archana

    Loved it Vidhya! Well said books never reject, people do. I am happy that my son is gradually growing with the love for books.

  23. Dimple Surana

    Such a lovely letter this is, really well written I’m sure he is going to love it when he reads it.

  24. Rashmi Karthik

    Vidhya, very honest advices or rather reflection on reality you have mentioned here . Loved resins them :) and your emphasis on reading is surely going to come handy to him any day :)

  25. Tina Sequeira

    So much of wisdom in this letter, Vidhya! Great one!

  26. Disha

    The letter we would all want our kids to read. And, it surely has all useful advice. Best part is to not react on things beyond our control.

  27. Mansi

    Hello !!
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  28. prerna wahi

    Well written post Vidhya. I know about your love for books and hope your child inherits it too. Your line – “Remember to be like a star, shine bright but be ready to fall to make someone else’s wish come true.” will stay with me for a long time.

  29. Prince Satiza

    Wow, Your post is so amazing and very emotional. Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful post.

  30. Durga Singh

    So beautifully written. This reminds me of the letters that I wrote to my firstborn during my pregnancy. Brings back so many memories. Kudos!

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