Sunshine,You’ll Manage! #BlogchatterA2Z #AtoZchallenge

Shake it off !

Dear Sunshine

Calm down, take a deep breath, stay there for a moment, don’t worry, you’ll manage.

You’ll manage to pull off things you want, you’ll manage to achieve all your dreams, just relax for now. Don’t overthink.

Sunshine, remember, the trouble is you think you have alot of time. Yes, You have to strive, you have to give your 100 % to make things work.Sunshine, remember, you’ll manage, just trust yourself a lil bit more.

Remember, you’re not working to prove anyone wrong, you’re not doing anything to make others happy. You’re doing it for yourself. You’re working on your dreams, on yourself and for yourself.

There will be times when you’ll be tired, when nothing will be right. When you’ll get confused or when you’ll be just lost.

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At that point of time, remember the hardwork you did to reach the destination, the time you spent on working on your dreams, the time when everyone considered you wrong but you proved them wrong.

Remember that time and tell yourself, you can do it! You can manage.

Remember sunshine, it all starts when you trust yourself and god. When you trust your decisions. The moment you doubted yourself will be the moment you need to manage.

Yes, that will be the moment, you have to find yourself again, that will be the time when you’ll learn to trust yourself again. And I know sunshine, you’ll manage.

I know, You’ll manage to join the broken pieces, you’ll manage to smile when you’ll be angry. You’ll manage to make it make your day bringht, To make others and yourself shine. You’ll manage to shine bright, you’ll grow!

Remember how you smile in front of a child even if you’re tired, or the lil hide and seek with them cheer up your mood. Or your favourite coffee comes to your rescue. Yes, I know thats how you will manage to live the moments.

Shake if off, sunshine! Shake it off everything that makes you sad, that makes you doubt. Just, shake it off your anxiety, your fear, and all the negativity sunshine.

Because you’re planted here to shine, to believe and make this world a beautiful place.

Love. Have a happy Monday Morning 🙂


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    1. Thank youuu

  1. Yes, hard times will pass. Keeping yourself together is important.

    1. Just what I needed to hear Vidhya.. such a lovely and motivating post to start a day. Something every one needs to read. Sharing it right away.

      1. Thank youuu

    2. Thank youuu

  2. What a beautiful letter to read. Full of optimism, assurance and hope. I hope someone really does read this letter and find the strength to go on.

    1. Thank youuu

  3. What great advice! It can be hard to remember sometimes, for sure.

    Operation Awesome. Our A to Z 2019 theme is the writing journey.

    1. Thank youuu

    1. Thank youuu

  4. Thanks, Vidhya for this inspiring letter once again. Much needed.

    1. Thank youuu

  5. A very positive and motivating letter. Shake it off and don’t think is a good message to anyone who thinks too much.

    1. Thank youuu

  6. Just what I wanted to hear on Monday morning Vidhya

    1. Heehe hope you had a great day

  7. Letter writing is an art. You have perfected the art. Your letters are positive and motivating.

    1. Hehe thank youuu

  8. Beautiful message through this letter, it reminds of a quote by Maya Angelou, Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

    1. Yesss!! Thank youuu

  9. Such a beautiful message. Hope it gives strength to everyone who reads it. I loved it.

    1. Thank youuu

  10. Love the message you had shared with this post. so beautiful and poetic.

    1. Thank youuu

  11. I hope you are planning to compile this into an ebook. It is a beautiful way to spread positivity.

    1. Hehee yesss!!! Thank youuu

  12. It is when we are really down in the dumps that we have to tell ourselves that we can do it and trust ourselves and as you say, God. Having faith in one’s abilities is difficult when the going gets tough but that is what pays dividends in the end.

    1. Yesss!! Thank youuu

  13. deep and insightful write up indeed, described the feelings of life(through the journey) so nicely.

    1. Thank youuu

    1. ❤️

  14. You have motivated to bring me my pen and paper and start writing letters again, and will surely write one to you someday. Your letter is an inspiration to sunshine and all. Trust self and stay motivated even when things are wrong, great post/ letter.

    1. Thank you!! I’ll be waiting for your letter!!

    2. Hehe thank youuu! Waiting for your letter

  15. So so sweet Vidhya! Lovely post!

    1. Thank youuu

    1. Thank youuu

  16. What a beautiful message to read this morning!! I love your messages. Thank you!

    1. Thank youuu

  17. Nice article!

    1. Thank youuu

    1. Thank youuu

    1. thank youu

  18. What a motivating post. Everytime the motivation goes down I read something like this and I am back again.

    1. Hehe thank youuu

  19. This post reminds me of the saying this shall also pass. the most important thing is, one should not lose the hope.
    Inspiring post.

  20. Motivation like this is what we all need especially teenagers. I am imagining Sunshine like a waif-like girl 🙂

  21. I agree – you should do things for yourself, not because of others.


  22. Positivity makes our life better, wonderful thought shared by you.

  23. Yes, your Sunshine should be able to manage. It may look difficult at the moment. But she should know that everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

  24. What a great positive post! Sunshine makes me smile and that is easy to spread to others! Smiling at baby is the best thing, it shows them happiness and love.

    1. Thank youu

  25. Wow! Another beautiful letter! Keep it up Sunshine!

    1. Thank youuu

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