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The 5 Journals that will help you grow.

Journaling has always been my escape. In 2021, I tried to focus more on myself, my mental health and practice gratitude and manifestation. In this journey, I came across several journals that helped me in the process. I follow a ritual, to write at least one page of the journal every day.

One page a day, will keep you happy throughout the day. Trust me, the satisfaction you get at the end of the process is worth it. The positive journal, gratitude journal, selfcare journal, each journal has their own way to make us feel better, feel happier.

Here are the 5 Journals that you must get or opt for if you love to journal.

1: Mindbrush Journal

Well, It’s a journal I use every day, It’s like a stress buster for me. It’s a well-curated journal that keeps me going. Love how carefully it is made.

Note from the founder~

This journal gives you various research-based activities to build self-care. Not only will you get content that will help you improve your inner state but through this journal, you will also be at peace with the world around you. This journal is a mentor, accountability partner and educator all at once.

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2: Route Journal

A gratitude journal that will make you feel blessed while we cound every lil blessing. With amazing daily prompts this journal is exciting. You will discover yourself, your thoughts a lot more here. This journal will give you clarity. I Loved the concept of gratitude journaling and the way it is executed.

Note from the founder~

The journal gives you a route to creating a habit of gratitude which makes it easy and enjoyable to develop a daily practice through insightful prompts that only take a few minutes to complete. This journal will train your mindset to always focus on what’s truly important and appreciate the small things, which is the key to a successful, fulfilling, happy life.

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3: Mindmate Journal

Well, It’s a powerful journal that you cannot skip. Mindmate as the name says, this journal focuses on inculcating small yet powerful habits into our daily routine. With affirmations, tasks a daily dose this journal is a helpful journal. It helped me get out of the dark phase. The vision board helped me a lot. You will slowly find a change in yourself after using this journal for a few weeks.

Note from the founder~

Everything that is in the workbook has come straight from my heart & practice. We have tried, tested, and proofed every word & activity in it. All you need to do is open your mind & heart to it. 
Created it with oh so much love! If you do decide to purchase it, thank you for supporting a small business trying to make a huge difference. Your contribution goes a long way. 

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4: The Positive Store – Know thyself journal

Another journal that helps us discover ourselves. It has some thought provoking questions that will astound us. try to do atleast one page everyday and you rill feel closer to yourself, your goals, your vision. This journal will help us evolve. Loved the way it is curated.

NNote from the founder~

After 2 years of research into NLP and Various perspectives of spirituality, He has formulated 99 powerful questions to ask themselves. He also emphasises on “We live a whole life with ourselves, yet we know very little about ourselves. The reason why? Because most of us fail to spend quality time with ourselves.

No mountain Top guru will give you the answers. Even He/She would ask you to go within. The only way to figure this out is by spending time with yourself. Question yourself, not others. 

5: Figure out your WHY- Journal by Kartikey Ladha

A journal that will ask you 10 questions, that will help you evaluate the situation and yourself better. A journal that is easy, upto the point. Whenever you feel low, pick up this journal, try to answer the questions, you will feel better.

Note from the author~

Journaling was therapeutic and meditative. More importantly, it was soul nourishing. I felt empowered by writing down my insecurities, doubts, hopes, dreams and vulnerabilities on blank sheets of paper. I was able to express the changes that I was experiencing in myself, to a force that could hold everything that I had to offer. This journal aims to offer a set of guidelines that could help spark a healing mechanism in the self. Surrender yourself to this act of journaling- it will reveal truths about you that you were unaware of before. Let it take you on a discovery of your WHY by helping you let go of all the ideas and conditionings that are currently limiting you.

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