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The Deal In Akmud by Ekta Sinha – Book Review

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Author: Ekta Sinha
Publisher: Paper Towns India

Writing Style


Good always wins over evil, and this story is indeed around it, with the ties of relationship and love.



•nothing is uncertain when love rules •
The universe needs a balance.
Everything comes with a price.

Writerektasinha Ekta Sinha weaves a mind-blowing tale of love, hope, mystery and adventures. With this story, she conveys, how the universe has its own plans, had channelled everything to create balance.

It’s the story of Atticus who sells magical things and never asks for price, it’s the story of Afton who got a magical wine from Atticus’s shop. It’s a story of Branny, Atticus’s best friend and partner, and it’s a story of Marcus who decides to take revenge for his wife’s death and give them justice. Everything happens in the mysterious village of Akmud where a Shadow rules.

It’s a brilliant, fast-paced, nail hitting story that you must not skip if you love reading mystery. I loved the storyline and the brilliant plot. The author leaves no stone unturned in making the story interesting with lots of mysteries.

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It gets more and more interesting as the story proceeds. With parallel plots, the author astounds the readers with the events taking place. The King wants Atticus and Branny, the soldiers feels mysterious in Akmud, will the king find them? What happens when things from Atticus’s shop reaches the palace?

Crisply narrated with a gripping writing style, Ekta takes the readers on a rollercoaster ride full of adventures and mystery. I loved the way the story proceeded, especially after Marcus’s deal. It’s a heavy read, with many things happening together, so read it a bit slow and solve the mystery.

The characters are well developed by the author, one could connect to each of them well. There’s jealousy, love, loss, greed, and friendship here. The story is a bit dragged in the end but it was worth a read.

Good always wins over evil, and this story is indeed around it, with the ties of relationship and love. There’s Branny’s story, Atticus’s story, Marcus’s story here, which is interesting but could have been short, I feel. The shifts in the plot from present to past and then to kingdom make it difficult to connect the dots but then again, everything is worth for a brilliant story.


A STORY YOU NEED TO KNOW. A HERO WHO DOESN’T EXIST FOR ANYONE AND A VILLAIN THAT IS NOT FLESH AND BLOOD. AKMUD is a quiet village lying amidst beautiful mountains and sharing its borders with three kingdoms. Time has changed for Akmud. It is now a place engulfed with dull darkness. The silence in the village is frightening and it has come with a ‘DEAL’. The world is full of secrets and magic but every enchantment comes with a cost. After reading this story, you will never wish for magical stuff in your life. The story tells you what REAL magic is in this world.

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