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Mad Moments – Boundaries & Balance – #Blogchattera2z

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They always say, learn to draw a line, set boundaries, even I use to say that until I lost the one I loved the most. Do we really set boundaries? even if we set, do we stick to them? don’t we cross that line? that boundary? go an extra mile for the person we love?

Sunshine, there’s a thin line and you must learn to draw a line and not cross it when it comes to self-respect. WE love ourselves so much, that we forget that line, don’t do it sunshine. You are stronger, much stronger. Learn to stick to your boundaries, especially when it comes to self-respect.

Sunshine, one more thing, do not, Do not take anyone for granted, not a single effort for granted. You never know how much someone has done for you, realize it before it’s too late, that you can’t even regret. Learn to Balance sunshine, like we balance our work, personal and professional life, how about adding some me-time in that balance?

 I just randomly share bits of my life and they help me out. Thank God for all the friends I made here. You guys are a true treasure. 🌿
It’s okay to express yourself to strangers, to the people we have never met, life is too short my friend, you never know what comes next?

It’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to cry,
It’s okay to love, it’s okay to choose peace,
It’s okay to shut yourself down,
It’s okay to fear for a while,
It’s okay, it’s just okay to be yourself.

It’s okay to hate some things,
It’s okay to distance yourself,
It’s okay to take a bag and travel,
It’s okay to just take a canvas and paint.

It’s okay my friend, it’s okay to surrender to the universe,
It’s okay to find all the quotes on Instagram that relates to your situations,
It’s okay to hope, to hope for a miracle, my friend.

What’s not okay is
To not love yourself,
To lose yourself in the flow,
To not take care of yourself,
Do not choose yourself.

You’re a fighter,
In this wave of emotions,
Try to find yourself,
Try to learn from
The mistakes you made,
The moments you lost,
Try to laugh more, to create memories more.

Express yourself as much as you can,
Everything is okay,
Till you Are being yourself.

It’s okay to breakdown,
It’s okay to accept your mistake,
It’s okay to take a step back for your happiness,
It’s okay until you feel okay.

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  1. Brinda

    I have followed you writing for some years and like the direction it’s going. Keep it up!

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thank You :)

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