The Opposites, You’re perfect – #Blogchattera2z #AtoZchallenge

Beautiful thing is never perfect.

Dear Sunshine,

Ever imagined Being with someone who is completely opposite? Who’s totally different. Be it their choices,or their taste. Will you get irritated or will you enjoy their company? it’s completely up to you, isn’t it?

Make sure you accept love with open arms. Make sure you never deny the love that you deserve to receive. Sunshine, remember, nothing is perfect, no one is. There’s a different beauty that the imperfects share.

Remember sunshine, the opposites are perfect. They fight, they learn, and they grow together. Remember Every beautiful thing is never perfect.

Sunshine, you are going to learn from the opposite. You’re going to learn to accept the fact that everyone has their own different opinions, respect them.

Sunshine, you’ll learn soemthing new from their choices, from their perspective. There’s nothing wrong in knowing or thinking from different perspective, isn’t it?

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Remember, no person is perfect, it’s you who have to work hard to maintain the relationship, manage the bond. It’s YOU who’ll have to work hard to make things work. It’s you who have to blend the relationship with Love.

Sunshine, remember every relationship is like a jigsaw puzzle, getting together to make a beautiful masterpiece. While you’ll learn from the opposite, You’ll grow too sunshine. You’ll explore and find a different meaning of life.

To the opposites, you’re perfect together.



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  1. I and my husband are poles apart in many things and I can relate to your post so much. Beautiful.

    1. Opposites are too much work but fun. Nice post 😊

  2. Wow! It’s a wonderful read. You write every post with so honesty. Accept the opposites as they are you will get a new charm.

  3. You have to work hard make a relationship work. Nice thoughts, loved the post, short & sweet:)

  4. Food for thought Vidhya…… my husband and I are complete opposites in terms of personality and yet we fir together like “hand in glove” Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Another beautiful and motivating letter. Great!

    1. Thankk Youuu

  6. Lovely read! You are motivating with your short, crisp write-ups:)

    1. Thankkk youu

  7. Sunshine, you will someday feel there’s a different charm in agreeing to disagree. I speak from experience.

    1. hehe yess that’s true!

  8. You’re so right Vidhya, opposites are two halves of a whole. Beautifully expressed!

    1. hheehe yess! thank youu

  9. Lovely that every relationship is like a jigsaw puzzle. Very beautifully written. And yes opposites do attract.

    1. Thank youuu

  10. Opposites attract and they have the most amazing chemistry in life. Lovely post.

  11. Blend the relationship with love and manage the bond. Expect differences and love anyway. As a mother, I am encouraged by your words. It’s a good reminder of our job as moms.

    1. Hehe thank youuu

  12. To understand life better mingle with people who are not from your state/country, people who don’t know your language and travel to unknown places.

    1. So truee

  13. I just celebrated my twenty year anniversary, and considering most people can’t take me for a day, my wife has shown amazing patience and grace under pressure!

    1. Hahaha happy anniversary

    2. I like the sentence, Beautiful thing is never perfect.

  14. My husband and I were poles apart and yet ours was a perfect marriage. Tell Sunshine that opposites only attract 🙂

  15. Loved the ending… To the opposites, you are perfect together. Sums it all up so beautifully

  16. The irony of the situation is that we often start liking soemone thinking they complement us best. But later end up getting irritating by the dissimilarities. We ought to learn and cherish the difference for always.

  17. A lovely letter.Opposites do attract but some similarities are needed too

  18. Wonderful post. I could relate to so much since i try to understand relationships.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  19. Well said, relationships are like jig-saw puzzles, they take a while to figure out, but once you do that, the final picture is amazing. May your Sunshine finds happiness in her relationships!

    1. Thats truee

  20. Opposites make a perfect blend! Life would be monotonous if there are same people like us everywhere. Lovely letter!

    1. Yess so truee! Thank youuu

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