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Results are never Instant

Dear Sunshine,

Remember to pick yourself Up.

Remember the time when mom use to tell you, you have to get up yourself when you fall? Or the time when teachers explained to never Give up? Yes, it’s always YOU who have to strive to get what you want.

Remember sunshine, Results are never instant. It needs sleepless nights, hardwork and lots of patience. and I know you can do it.

Sunshine, you’ll learn alot as you’ll grow. Remember, You grow through what you go through. You’ll learn how the world is when you have everything and when you have nothing. You’ll learn about people sunshine.

You’ll learn, there are some who will stay with you, no matter what. and there are some who will be there when they need you the most.You’ll learn the difference sunshine.

You’ll learn to create your own happiness, You’ll learn to getup and solve the problems. You’ll learn to find your own path, your own way.

Sunshine, most importantly you’ll learn to stay happy. You’ll learn to smile when there’s the worst situation and you know you’ll handle it. you know you can go through it.

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You’ll learn to handle everything sunshine. Just remember to trust yourself a lil bit more. Trust your intuitions. Because the master has his own plan.

Sunshine, learn from every step that you take, everything that happens and everything that you go through. Decide for yourself.

Pick up yourself sunshine, because You’re never alone.

Remember, Everytime you fall,sunshine, learn to pickup and shine as bright as you can. Grow as much as you can, The world is all Yours until you trust yourself first.

Getup, carryon because nothing is impossible, the road is long and you’re going to make it till the end Sunshine, SHINE.

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  1. I loved your words “Results are never instant”. I needed to hear that today

  2. Learning from mistakes and failures is the best thing one can do. Beautifully written.

  3. Again I am saying Vidhya! I am going to be a fan of your letters. Every post is filled with lots of positivity. Your writing is so mature. I am blessed that I got the chance to connect with lots of true souls on this journey.

  4. My poetry of yesterday was on the same line.
    And your post Vidhya are always so motivating, like Pep talks one badly need

  5. And then there is the adage that says that What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    Vidya with every letter of yours I feel so close to them. I think i should save these and put them in a file for reading them whenever I feel low aand for that matter when anyne feels low.

  6. Yes, nothing is impossible! Loved the post:)

    1. What a positive post!

  7. A great message of standing up for ones self, a message of hardwork, and identifying self seekers from honest well wishers. A great post of great motivation and great message.

  8. A beautiful letter stating never give up. Fall, pick up your pieces and move on. You can do wonders. All of us need to tell this to ourselves.

  9. Journey is where we go up and down, trusting yourself and moving ahead is life. beautifully expressed.

  10. I agree. Picking up yourself after falling is very important as no one helps you until you help yourself.

  11. Very much motivating one, if someone does not have the mentality enough to fight back then no one can help.

  12. What an inspiring post viddhya…. Loved reading it…

  13. Its all about committment and hard and smart work and the results will definitely follow.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

    1. Yessss i am finally coming dubai after reading ua series

  14. Pick yourself up!! I have been doing that for 15 years and now I am tired.I want to give up but I cant. Great post as always Vidhya.

    1. Yess! You’ll succeed strong soul! Just don’t give up!

    1. Thank youuu

  15. Just wow, your letters are so full of positive vibes and they are an instant mood lifter. I am loving your posts, Vidhya 🙂

    1. Thank youuu 🙈🙈🙈

    1. Thank youuu

  16. “It took everything you went through yesterday to get you ready for today”! 🙂

  17. Such a beautiful learning from here

  18. Truly the master has its own plan. And these days you are Miss Sunshine, who is bringing quite brightness . #foodforsoul

  19. Super inspirational post! Good luck with the AtoZ!

  20. Learning from mistakes is the best one can do!! Asusual another heart touching letter

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