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Yes the answer to questions are remining. Why is it always me? Why did she/he had to leave? Why does it always hurt? Why don’t the memories just fade? Why do these memories hurt more as time passes by?. And yes! Yet the question why is not answered by them.

They entered each others life like an angel. Gave each other sweet memories. Stood by each others sides. But then they said a goodbye forever. All the memories flashed back in their mind. And they were hurt. They left each other without any reason. And it broke them from inside. They cried and hurted themselves. But yet showed their strong sides to others. Their nights went sleepless. And now they couldnt trust in love again. They tried many things just to get rid of their memories with each other. Their scars healed as time passed by, but the memories yet bothered them. They yet wonder why did they leave each other without any reason?. It was hard for them to believe that they broke up because  their love for each other was true.

A year past and they met each other. Both were in an awkward position but they didnt want each other to make it out. They both smiled but the smile was hiding their pain. They thought that other person has moved on, but both were yet at the same point were they had left each other. There was feeling of love in them for each other. But they didnt show it. They yet care for each other as they did but they didnt show it. They missed the relation they had but pretended to be happy. And then they left from there. They just left that place with a question of why? Filled with regret. And for which the answer is yet unsaid.

-Written by My Better Half, My Bestie, My ANGEL :*

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