Tiny Tales ♥

She is learning to live with fake smile,from the day you left, Her KING left her,and that day she made herself new “person” The distance that was not even painted in her life,became Abstract.
Abstract full of Sorrows And Happiness Like Loud Silence.She learned-Learned to have fake smile,learned Not to trust anyone,Learned not to expect and not to get attach
She was waiting all the way for her prince,and wanted to complete her Tiny Tale.
By the time,he left her tiny tale was crumpled and never got perfect.
With that tale a new tale was written,Tales of Sorrows,Loneliness,Being alone, and many more.
She wanted to live with the pain you gave her,to know her fault,with her weakness

“For him it was just a ‘STORY’ that he has long forgotten; but for her it was a string of emotions which has love embedded in it.

Yes! It was “their” love story which sadly now was a ‘heartbreak’ engraved deep down her soul”..

They both said “I LOVE YOU”
But her I Love you was longer than his.

I wanted you to stay
each and every day
All my way
And never wanted it to become MAY,

Wanted those moments to be  Cherished
Never wanted Memories to get Vanished

Being together was happier than being in Mars
But,there might be Fault in our Stars
it was not in our destiny
our tale was just tiny
things done were funny
our bond was never shared by any
with stuffs and many
I wanted you to stay in all my tales tiny

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