To the Doting Father, A letter for you- #Atozchallenge #Blogchattera2z

You are stronger than you think

Dear Paa,

Do not cry or get upset when I will leave once I am married. I will be leaving your place but not your heart. Or can I say I am just going to a new place and will be trying to pace between the two places, two families?

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I know I will be leaving your place and I am not prepared even though I am prepared for that day. It will be painful, that day will be the day after which I won’t be there for you EVERYDAY, I won’t be there everytime to control you or stop you from having sweets. I won’t be there to accompany you in our midnight snacks.

But Paa, I will be there everytime when you will be facing a problem. I will anyhow come to know that there’s something wrong even if I am not present. Paa, I won’t stop you from crying on the wedding day. I know it would be the painful moment for You and me.

I just cannot Imagine it now. But I know whenever you’ll see me shopping for my wedding or talking about it, there will be the silent tears in your eyes, everytime you’ll see be preparing for the moment when I’ll leave. But we both know, no matter how much we prepare ourselves, we are going to cry.

I know I will have the best man to hold my hand and support me throughout but, there won’t be the one will be crazy with me like you are.

Don’t worry about me when I am away from you. Your values are the best teacher for me. Don’t worry because I know you’ll be a call away.

Be like a River, Go with the FLOW, Always

This is what you always say right?

Thank you for constantly reminding to keep my feet in the ground while I look up. Thank you for always reminding me to stay calm, stay normal when I succeed, Thank you for reading my face when I don’t want to speak.

Thank you for controlling me. I want you to control me forever because there’s your worry, your love in this. How can I forget your calls when I am out.

Thank you for spoiling me but also letting me know the value of things. For constantly reminding me of my responsibilities, not covering me up when I am wrong, For making me stronger each day, For always preparing me for the worst.

You‘re stronger than you think, you have that power to make yourself successful and happy. Decide what’s right for yourself, decide what you want and Go for it. I will be there with you to support you but you have to choose your path. You have to fight your battle.

Thank you for the timely reminders, for fulfilling all my wishes, For Just being there with the trust you have in me.

Thank you paa for bringing out the best version of me. I love it When you always say you don’t need to be my son, You are the best daughter. From teaching me to ride a bicycle to me teaching you computer, how we enjoyed each other’s company.

Thank you for making me what I am today. Never let the child inside you die, never stop learning paa. There’s a long way for US to go. They always say I am like you. But I can never be like you. Even if I am one percent like you, I would be grateful. I know you have always heard this from me, and you’ll forever hear this.

And Do not cry when I leave, because A part of me always belongs to you paa.



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  1. Ohhh! The emotional one. I don’t remember the day of my “Vidaai” ever because afterwards, it is so difficult to control my emotions.

    1. Awww thank youuu

  2. That’s such a sweet letter to your dad. I actually have tears in my eyes. Emotional and bittersweet.


  3. So touching…Very difficult time for a daughter and a father…very painful..
    You have beautifully penned down.

    1. Thank youuu

  4. Aww such a heart touching emotional letter

  5. Wow, such a beautiful letter, I remembered the similar letter of 8 pages I had written to my mom and had planned it in advance to be given on vidai. Lovely post.

    1. awww

  6. Aww, that is such a sweet letter. I am my father’s favourite child. When I got married both of us cried like little babies. I look up to him and even now when I am in a dilemma I don’t hesitate to call him. Great post!

    1. Thankk youu

  7. You are a great letter writer. You touch the readers heart so well. I read one to your mother, one to your children. I don’t know which one I missed, but today I am reading your letter to your father. It is beautiful.

    1. Thank you sirr

  8. Another beautiful piece. Tugs at the heart as I’m a Daddy’s girl always.

    1. Awww thank you

  9. You know what heartbreakingly beautiful means? Just read your letter you will know. You made me cry.

    1. awww darling Thank Youu!!

    1. thank youuu

    1. Thank youuu

  10. I so love reading your letters, loved this one too. I too me to an emotional ride 🙂

  11. This is so sweet. Such a touching letter. You know no matter how far away we stay from our parents we always stay in their hearts.

  12. Such a lovely & heart touching letter.

    Enjoyed reading and connecting to it.

  13. That’s such a beautiful letter to your father. Did you make him read it??

    1. Thank youuu !! Yes he loved it

  14. My eyes are moist. Father-daughter relation is the most beautiful one. Loved the letter

    1. Aww thank youuu

      1. Beautiful ❤️

        1. thank youu

  15. What a beautiful letter to your paa! I got married almost 52 years ago and I still remember my dad thinking he would never see me again because I was moving to our new home.

    1. Aww! thank youuu

  16. A sweet and heartfelt letter. Your Dad must be so proud of you! 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by…

    1. Thankk youuu

  17. Such a heartfelt letter, every daughter can relate to your letter and the feelings attached.Superb.

    1. Thankk youu

  18. Touched my heart…Expressions right from the heart

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